CS 9600 Milestone: More than 500 Units Shipped

Since its launch in July 2018, the CS 9600 has proven to be a success in the dental community. In addition to winning the Bronze Edison AwardKrakdent Medal of the Highest Quality and Cellerant Best of Class Technology Award this year, the CS 9600 recently celebrated another milestone—more than 500 units have been shipped worldwide.

This achievement is no accident. The CS 9600 was carefully developed based on intense customer feedback. Last year, Stephane Varlet, global product line manager, extraoral imaging, Carestream Dental, and his team met with oral health professionals around the world—from Japan to the United States to France—to discuss the new imaging system and to garner their input. By using this information to carefully determine the most important features, the team was able to launch a product that truly met the needs of each practitioner.

“Our goals were to determine the customers’ unmet needs with using an extraoral device as well as to develop user profiles to ensure each targeted user would benefit from the features incorporated into the CS 9600,” Varlet said. “Using this in-depth feedback, we were able to define four pillars that make this imaging system essential for any dental or specialty practice.”

These four pillars include:

Clinical Experience

Imaging is key when it comes to delivering more accurate diagnoses and treatment planning. Carestream Dental’s R&D team developed several key features that play a significant role in imaging quality, such as CS MAR (metal artifact reduction), 120kv imaging, 75 µm for fields of view from 4 cm x 4 cm to 10 cm x 10 cm and SmartAuto technologies.

End User (Staff/Assistant) Experience

Extraoral imaging technology can be complicated; however, proper patient positioning and consistency of images can mean the difference between success on the first try and the need to retake an image. To facilitate image capture, the team incorporated a number of features, such as a live positioning assistant, interactive accessories, patient monitoring and patient data records, to make the entire process easier and more consistent.

Practice Owner Experience

Many practice owners are looking to grow their in-office capabilities; fortunately, the CS 9600 was designed for scalability. In addition to being upgradeable to larger fields of views, the unit features CS Upstream, CS Face Scan and a radiology kit so it can evolve as needs change.

Patient Experience

Patient comfort is critical for oral healthcare professionals. Keeping this in mind, the CS 9600 development team sought to enhance the patient experience by incorporating an optional integrated seat, jewelry tray and patient monitoring.

By using this focused customer-centric approach to product development, the team was able to create a system that was flexible enough to meet the different needs found in the oral healthcare industry.

CS UpStream Data

With so many units in the field, the CS 9600 has been used to help thousands of patients.

“Via CS UpStream, our new advanced monitoring system, we know the activity of the installed base [50% of CS 9600s are connected to CS UpStream],” Varlet said. “By July 2019, 100,000 procedures had been performed since the product was introduced. This means that, taking into account the entire installed base (connected and not connected to CS Upstream), more than 200,000 procedures have been performed with CS 9600 units.”

To learn more about the CS 9600, visit carestreamdental.com/cs9600. Clinicians can also configure their own CS 9600 to meet their practices’ unique needs at caretreamdental.com/9600Config.    

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