PRESS RELEASE: CS 9600 Puts its Intelligent Technology to Work Changing Lives


The CS 9600 cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) system is a highly intelligent piece of technology with features that help doctors make a significant impact on patients’ lives by restoring their smiles.

The intuitive five-in-one system combines 2D panoramic technology, CBCT imaging, 3D model/impression scanning and 3D facial scanning,1 along with optional cephalometric imaging,2 to meet every clinical need. Up to 14 fields of view let doctors see the whole picture, from a single tooth to the tip of the nose. Three different editions of the CS 9600—up to 12 cm x 10 cm, up to 16 cm x 10 cm and up to 16 cm x 17 cm FOV—ensure that the system covers all imaging needs, no matter which specialty.

Smart features that aid with patient positioning are the keys to the CS 9600’s ease of use—it’s almost like having another assistant. The SmartPad, an integrated touchscreen, walks users through the positioning process, provides pre-set programs to minimize the risk for errors and lets the operator check the images immediately after the scan using quality control tools. These features contribute to repeatability and lead to “first-time-right” results. For even more accurate positioning and safe exams, SmartAuto Pan1 automatically calculates the correct exposure settings based on the patient’s jaw shape and size, while SmartAuto 3D1 lets users precisely define the field of view position on a low-dose scout view.

For a more efficient follow-up exam workflow, the CS 9600 can be ready before the patient even enters the room by recording and recalling the specific parameters for each person. The system is so intuitive it can even detect when the wrong accessory is inserted and recommends the appropriate one based on the procedure.  

Once the image is captured, exclusive CS MAR1 technology reduces scatter caused by metal artifacts, which can cause misinterpretation, and gives doctors more confidence in their diagnosis by allowing them to dynamically compare images with or without the filter applied.

The CS 9600 also features a 120 kV high-power generator that allows operators to acquire images at a dose equivalent to the standard 90 kV acquisition while increasing image quality. In addition to patient safety, the CS 9600 even considers patient comfort: An integrated retractable seat1 allows patients to sit for added stability or can be rotated out of the way when not in use or to accommodate patients in wheelchairs.

“Carestream Dental’s CS 9600 is an innovative CBCT system that provides extremely accurate images,” Henriette Lerner, D.M.D., said. “Other huge advantages include: Secure patient positioning; low dose capabilities (less than a 2D image); multiple fields of views; and artifact reduction algorithms for a better diagnosis.”

The CS 9600 is powered by innovative software that give doctors more confidence when making diagnoses. The system is compatible with the Prosthetic-Driven Implant Planning module, the CS Airway module, CS Model software and CS Model+ software so doctors have even more resources to change their patients’ lives.

“Merging the intraoral scan with a face scan in the same image gives doctors the perfect foundation for prosthetic-driven implant planning,” Lerner said. “Of course, the excellent service and support of Carestream Dental is a major benefit.”

Carestream Dental’s comprehensive service offering, CS Advantage,1 which includes extended warranty coverage, software updates, training and support, ensures the best ownership experience. CS Advantage members may also choose to add the new CS UpStream, an option currently exclusive to the CS 9600, which monitors the system’s historical behavior to prevent downtime and maximize system availability.

To learn more about how the CS 9600 can give dental healthcare professionals the power to restore patients’ smiles, visit Carestream Dental in Hall 10.2, Booth T40 - U49, at the International Dental Show 2019, 12-16 March, in Cologne, Germany. Or, visit


2Option: work in progress; not offered or available for sale

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