An Important Message Regarding COVID-19

Valued Clients,

As a part of the healthcare community, you have undoubtedly been closely monitoring the news regarding the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). We are reaching out today to share with you the business continuity programs we have in place across Carestream Dental. Our ultimate goal is to continue to support your needs with a minimal level of disruption in the event of a large-scale COVID-19 outbreak.

Ensuring the safety of our employees and customers alike is top of mind at this moment. To support this goal, we have taken the following preventative measures: Restricting nonessential business travel; transitioning to virtual meetings, training, and demos (via video-conferencing where possible); and keeping our employees and key partners up to date on COVID-19 developments.

From an operational standpoint, Carestream Dental has activated its own crisis preparedness team to monitor the situation and allow us to respond quickly as needed. We have technology in place that allows our teams to work collaboratively from remote locations. Because we operate from offices around the globe, the distribution of our people and capabilities means that even in cases where an issue may develop in one office, we are able to quickly shift essential services for our clients to another location. Additionally, our investments in cloud-based infrastructure allow safe and secure access for our employees remotely.  We also have a team monitoring our global supply chain to ensure there is minimal- to no-impact to customer delivery and service.

We are dedicated to staying up to date on this serious situation. We will continue to do everything we can to protect our employees and our clients and to support your practice or business. Below, you’ll find links to valuable guidelines provided by reputable health organizations that you may use as a resource.

Thank you for your continued trust in Carestream Dental.

Carestream Dental Newsroom


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