New Software Updates Help Practices Conduct Business More Securely, Access Data Faster

BOSTON—Carestream Dental is announcing today at the Yankee Dental Congress significant software updates that streamline the way doctors, teams and partners conduct business in a digital world. Among these updates include new security controls for practice management software and easier ways to review and share digital impression files.

To help practices stay up to date with the latest security and compliance requirements, enhancements to CS PracticeWorks v10 add another layer of patient data security with the integration of new password requirements for all users. Sensitive patient data is kept safe, and patients feel confident that the practice is meeting their expectations for protecting their clinical data.

“Advancements in digital technology move at a faster pace than some practices are used to, and the dental industry has had to adapt quickly” Nina Gilbert, global product line manager for general dental software solutions, Carestream Dental, said. “Fortunately, Carestream Dental is staying on top of all the new and changing laws and requirements that have arisen in response to the transition from paper to digital practice management.”

For example, pending “right-to-be-forgotten” legislation gives patients the option to have their data completely removed from practice records. However, practices are required to store and maintain clinical records for up to 10 years. In addition, through the process of deleting a patient record, there’s always the chance of accidentally deleting the wrong one. So now, CS PracticeWorks users can securely dispose of a patient’s record.1 Most important, the new updates help minimize the risk of deleting the wrong patient record via a confirmation window.

Additional updates that come with CS PracticeWorks v10 include direct integration with CS Imaging version 8,2 which allows practices to seamlessly access their clinical images acquired using Carestream Dental’s latest imaging technology, such as the CS 9600 CBCT system and the CS 3700 intraoral scanner. With easier access to images, CS PracticeWorks v10 can better facilitate diagnosis, treatment planning and patient education.

The latest version of CS PracticeWorks also includes all the updated CDT codes for 2020, so staff can file claims and receive reimbursements quickly. Plus, thanks to Microsoft® Server and Outlook 2019 Certification—which now makes the software compatible with current Microsoft offerings—practices can more easily select the hardware that meets their IT needs.

As with all Carestream Dental practice management offerings, CS PracticeWorks v10 is available on a Cloud platform. Practices that switch to CS PracticeWorks Cloud can always be sure they’re on the latest version of the software and are operating at peak performance.

Also being announced are updates to CS Connect, Carestream Dental’s secure portal for fast transmission of digital intraoral impression files. CS Connect v3.7.10’s new online embedded Web Viewer enables users to review exchanged digital impressions anytime, anywhere, even from portable devices. The Web Viewer is designed to optimize transferred datasets for portable devices, including iPhones, and makes scans touchscreen responsive, allowing for quick and easy review of exchanged digital impression data at users’ fingertips.

A new integrated API also allows the CS Connect platform to easily pair with partners’ platforms right from the start so digital impressions can be transferred with just one click using the same credentials. This saves time by allowing users to leverage existing partner accounts and by automatically detecting new partner pairings and proposing that cases be sent to them.

These digital updates come as part of Carestream Dental’s commitment to provide practices with the software needed to meet changing patient expectations, conduct business faster and access data easier.

To learn more about the updates to CS PracticeWorks v10 and CS Connect v3.1.10, or Carestream Dental’s innovative solutions, visit Carestream Dental in booth #2008 at the Yankee Dental Congress, Jan. 30-Feb. 1, 2020, Boston, Mass.

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