PRESS RELEASE: New Patient Forms Help Reduce Contact So Offices Can Practice Safely

ATLANTA—Even though many practices have reopened, reducing contact between team members and patients, managing appointment workflow and even looking for opportunities to operate virtually will continue to play an important role in a full recovery. Carestream Dental’s new contactless Patient Forms are one way to put patients’ minds at ease regarding safety while allowing team members to work more efficiently.

Patient Forms give patients the opportunity to fill out all relevant appointment information at their convenience thanks to a direct link from the practice’s website, meaning less time spent filling out forms in the waiting room and minimizing the need to touch pens and paper. If the patient hasn’t filled out the form ahead of time, a secure link can be shared to their phone or on a tablet for quick and convenient updates.

Because the forms are integrated with Carestream Dental’s practice management platforms—including Sensei Cloud, SoftDent and OrthoTrac—all the information the patient enters is automatically written back to their chart, saving time for front desk team members who no longer have to decipher handwriting or rekey information. Practices also have the option to customize* Patient Forms with practice logos and include additional information outside the stock forms provided, including a COVID-19 screening form.

“Reducing contact points and moving patients in and out of the office faster are some of the ways practices have adapted since reopening,” Monica Minore, general manager, software and commercial operations for the Americas, Carestream Dental, said. “Rather than handling high-contact administrative tasks—like shuffling paper forms and pens—Patient Forms reduce contact and let teams focus simply on treating patients and getting them on their way. Plus, by eliminating common in-office tasks at the beginning of the appointment, practices can have more time to disinfect equipment at the end of the appointment and prepare for the next patient.”

To learn more about Patient Forms or Carestream Dental’s practice management solutions visit

*Additional fees may apply for form customization.

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