PRESS RELEASE: New Portable X-Ray Generator is Battery Free, Frees Up Wall Space

ATLANTA—Carestream Dental has introduced the CS 2400P,* a portable generator that offers practices the powerful X-ray beam needed for exceptional diagnostic images yet is small enough to be handheld. It features an innovative battery-free recharging system that’s fast and convenient so it’s always at the ready to capture high-quality images.

In a busy practice where chair time is valuable, team members need to work fast without sacrificing image quality. Efficiency is even more important post-COIVD as practices work to move patients   quickly and safely through the practice. Thanks to its exclusive battery-free design, the CS 2400P can go from completely discharged to ready-to-go in less than three minutes and deliver multiple shots before needing to be recharged—which only takes seconds—to keep a team on schedule. Its innovative battery-free concept guarantees a consistent production of X-rays over the charge, unlike battery-operated systems.

The CS 2400P’s exposure parameters are similar to those of a conventional generator (70 KV; 3,5 mA) so image quality is never sacrificed for the convenience of portability. The system’s short exposure time reduces the risk of motion and improves sharpness.

The sharp images produced by the CS 2400P lets clinicians confidently add capacity to their practice without concern that they’ll be trading convenience for quality. This lightweight, handheld unit frees up wall space and gives teams the flexibility to move between operatories.

Whether choosing the CS 2400P as a replacement for or in addition to existing conventional X-ray generators, practices will find the new portable generator from Carestream Dental the perfect companion to their intraoral workflow. Learn more about the CS 2400P, or any of Carestream Dental’s innovative solutions, at


*CS 2400P is cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. At this time, sales cannot be processed for the US states of New York, Kansas, and South Carolina while we await final approval of state authorities. Regulatory requirements can vary by jurisdiction. Please contact your regional regulatory agency for radiation requirements in your area.

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