PRESS RELEASE: ‘You Can’t Beat the CS 9600:’ 1,000th System Installed

ATLANTA— One million acquisitions, more than 500,000 patients, four awards and one Scan Ceph module enhancement later, the CS 9600 CBCT has reached another exciting milestone: 1,000 systems installed. This newest landmark is a testament to Carestream Dental’s premier five-in-one imaging system’s innovation, ease-of-use and life-changing power.

What makes the system so popular is its ability to be used for almost all clinical procedures from implants to guided surgery to orthodontic procedures. Advanced integration with dental software and third-party solutions solidifies the CS 9600 as the foundation for true end-to-end specialty workflows.

“Carestream Dental’s strength has always been its ability to take data and put it to work for clinicians,” Dr. Ed Shellard, chief dental officer, Carestream Dental, said. “In the CS 9600 we see software algorithms, smart technology and artificial intelligence (AI) combine to transform the way doctors diagnose, treat and care for patients from the first scan through treatment and follow-up.”

The system, launched in 2018, is the culmination of years of research and customer input. The design process thoughtfully considered the experience that each end user would have when encountering the CS 9600: Clinical experience, staff/assistant experience, practice owner experience and patient experience.

For Clinicians
Advanced features like 120 kV imaging for increasing image quality; 14 fields of view, ranging from 4cm x 4cm to 16 cm x 17cm, to cover the needs of nearly any procedure; and Live Positioning Assistant all deliver enhanced imaging. Algorithms that reduce metal artifacts—CS MAR—improve images even more so doctors can make more confident diagnoses.

“The 120 kV imaging and CS MAR feature continue to impress me,” Dr. Matthew Nichols, D.D.S., Oral & Facial Surgery, Manchester, USA, said. “All in all, I would say that you can’t beat the CS 9600.”

To capture sharper images in a reproducible way, image processing software deliver ultra-sharp images. When acquiring a panoramic image, Tomosharp technology recognizes the area where the anatomy is the sharpest and reconstructs the best possible panoramic image automatically. These sharper, well-positioned images enable better diagnostics.

For Staff/Assistants
Patient positioning powered by AI automatically detects and traces the Frankfort plane to achieve proper positioning effortlessly and to reduce one of the most common positioning mistakes. When combined with video camera assistance and face-to-face positioning, this unique technology dramatically facilitates patient alignment, increases exam precision and reduces risk of retakes.“With the addition of smart features, such as the ‘live positioning assistant’ cameras, it’s quite simple for my staff to easily and efficiently position the patient in order to get precisely the image we need,” Dr. Nichols said. 

For Practice Owners
For practice owners looking to expand the services their offices offer, the CS 9600 was designed to be scalable. In 2020, a Scan Ceph module was launched, allowing users to add an orthodontic feature to the system and do more for their patients. Once a cephalometric image is captured, Carestream Dental’s industry-leading auto-tracing feature can save doctors valuable time by automatically recognizing anatomical structures and tracing them in just a few seconds—as opposed to the five to 10 minutes other orthodontic software takes. Ultimately, doctors gain back time that could be used for more in-depth diagnosis or personalized patient interaction.

For Patients
Patients benefit the most from the enhanced care the CS 9600 enables their doctor to provide, but of course there are other little details that keep patient comfort in mind. For example, an integrated seat and a jewelry tray make it easy for patients to prepare themselves for imaging.

“My office and team can offer a fast, precise fully digital workflow with better quality imaging and care for patients,” Dr. Beat Kurt, specialist for Oral Surgery and Oral Implantology, Lucerne, Switzerland, said.

The CS 9600 is also the first of Carestream Dental’s systems to feature CS UpStream, which turns the system into a connected device. Data from the machine is constantly being monitored and sent back to Carestream Dental. Should there ever be an issue with the system, technicians can review the CS 9600’s historical performance and find solutions sooner.

Not only do doctors, staff and patients all rave about the CS 9600, the system comes highly recommended by the oral healthcare industry. It’s been awarded a 2019 and 2020 Cellerant Best of Class Technology Award, a Bronze Edison Award and the Krakdent Medal of the Highest Quality.

To learn more about the CS 9600, visit Clinicians can also configure their own CS 9600 to meet their practices’ unique needs at    

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