PRESS RELEASE: Artificial Intelligence Takes Root – AI Insights Delivers Automatic Panoramic Image Analysis and Reporting in Seconds

ATLANTA, United States—Carestream Dental is introducing dentists to the power of Artificial Intelligence. Its newest Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, AI Insights, is the latest in the Carestream Dental portfolio of innovative, cloud-based software and extraoral imaging solutions.

Artificial Intelligence enhances human capabilities and contributions, and Carestream Dental AI Insights solution delivers consistent, reliable x-ray analysis and automated radiographic reports to significantly reduce undiagnosed and untreated cases. The pioneering software enables dental practitioners to improve diagnoses in less time, facilitate exponential case acceptance, enhance patient trust in the outcome and improve revenue opportunity for the practice. This makes AI Insights an invaluable asset for clinical efficiency and practice performance.

“The benefits of Artificial Intelligence are well known, and inconsistent, imperfect or incomplete X-ray readings may sometimes happen,” Stephane Varlet, global product line manager, extraoral imaging, said. “AI Insights gives dental practitioners a powerful tool that provides confidence to interpret results more accurately. The advantage of AI Insights is peace of mind for dentists and patients alike. The technology provides the tool to deliver the optimal outcome.”

Consistent, automated X-ray reading
Dentists can easily obtain X-ray analyses and radiographic reports with a single click while the software automatically detects a broad range of pathological conditions and non-pathological structures on panoramic X-rays. The software highlights those findings in color on the image and displays them on an interactive chart.

The proven algorithm, developed in collaboration with Berlin’s Charité University, a world-renowned medical research institution, was trained on tens of thousands of cases previously annotated by dental experts, so the software can detect caries and apical lesions, but also locate crowns, implants and fillings with high precision and consistency. The high sensitivity of the software allows to identify previously undiagnosed cases, which means additional opportunities and revenue for the practice.

Additionally, radiographic reports are time consuming and not always performed at the practice. AI Insights offers advanced quality reporting in seconds eliminating manual reports and providing documentation that helps ensure and facilitate reimbursement. 

Seamless integration
AI Insights integrates seamlessly into CS Imaging version 8 software and into current workflows. As a cloud-based application, AI Insights offers licensed users automatic updates with no software installation needed, and universal access to the most up-to-date features are available anytime.

Grow your practice
By employing the power of AI Insights, dentists can diagnose and treat more pathologies than ever before. The solution aids increased case acceptance to boost practice performance and revenue through better communication and improved patient confidence.

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AI Insights is a solution powered by dentalXrai GmbH.

AI Insights is not available in all countries and regions due to different registration status. To know the availability in your country, please contact your Carestream Dental representative.


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