The Possibilities are Limitless

Technology, trends and techniques are constantly changing. With that in mind, Carestream Dental asked a number of experts about their opinions on what oral health care professionals should be on the lookout for in 2017. Here's what Lisa Moler, publisher of MedMark, had to say:

By Lisa Moler, Publisher, MedMark, LLC

Staying current on dental trends is both exhilarating and challenging for MedMark’s dental journals, Implant Practice US, Orthodontic Practice US, Endodontic Practice US and Dental Sleep Practice. Latest and greatest technologies keep evolving at mind-blowing rates, allowing diagnostic and treatment options to become safer and more efficient—while staying within a reasonable budget.

One great example is the evolution of implants. In the past, implants were the only options for the wealthy. Now, more affordable implant options have brought this procedure within reach of the general public. Even more complicated procedures can be done less invasively, faster and more clinician-friendly. And with innovations such as 3D cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) imaging, implants can be placed more precisely, avoiding possible complications that may have been missed without that extra imaging dimension.

Another dental trend relates to the airway and sleep dentistry niche. Sleep-disordered breathing is not just confined to one body type or age group. Technologies are showing that children manifest airway and sleep disorders differently than adults. Difficulty concentrating at school, daytime tiredness and some forms of ADHD may have a basis in the size of the airway or the quality of a child’s sleep. Working with qualified sleep medicine physicians, dentists can improve quality of life or even save lives with appropriate surgery or sleep appliances.

In endodontics, lasers and ways to clean and disinfect canals are revolutionizing the specialty and helping to remove the stigmas surrounding pain or complications of root canal treatment.

Orthodontics is wired for new treatment trends! Robotic archwires, clear aligner options, accelerated tooth movement, 3D imaging for diagnostics and more precise tooth movement are just a few of the technologies making orthodontics more comfortable and desirable.

Our publications are honored to be at the forefront of bringing trends and practice-building technologies to our readers. Better patient care is the central focus, and the possibilities for practice innovation are limitless!

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