Another Reason to Attend the Global Oral Health Summit: Onsite Support


If practice owners can take their team to only one educational event each year, how do they decide between the dozens, if not hundreds, of dentistry conferences and trade shows offered? Obvious reasons to attend one event over another include a strong educational program or valuable networking opportunities…maybe even a fun location that can fuel teambuilding. But what about technical support? Prioritizing a conference that offers technical support for the solutions already being used in a practice can help decisions makers narrow the field of which conferences to attend.

At Carestream Dental’s Global Oral Health Summit, being held Nov. 10-12, 2017, in Orlando, Fla., attendees can visit onsite support rooms for personalized one-on-one help from technical CS OrthoTrac, CS PracticeWorks, CS SoftDent, CS WinOMS and imaging software experts. The support team can address users’ biggest concerns and answer their most pressing questions in a casual setting. Software users can also attend software-specific hands-on courses led by certified trainers for additional insight into their practice management systems. At the end of the first day of programming, teams can reconnect with their peers in their specialty and hear directly from Carestream Dental leaders about what’s new for their specific software and also have their questions answered.

In addition to learning more about their practice management software, the Summit also allows attendees to gain hands-on experience with Carestream Dental equipment. Product experts will be on-hand all day to answer questions about how equipment and software integration to streamline workflows and how Carestream Dental provides next-level support so attendees can “level up” the way they run their practices. Dozens of Carestream Dental’s partners will also be at the Summit to answer questions about how their products and services fit into attendees’ workflow and support and integrate with Carestream Dental technology.

Attending a conference that gives users direct access to support reps and experts with intimate knowledge of the ins and outs of the software they use daily is a unique advantage that’s not to be missed. At the Summit, attendees can meet face-to-face with technical experts, as well as Carestream Dental partners who provide integrated solutions, to have all their software and technology questions answered and learn more about the latest enhancements for their practice.

Register for the Summit at Can’t wait until November? Software users can have their questions answered and find how-to guidance on The Exchange.

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