An Educational Program Designed for Attendees, by Attendees

User-centered designed has driven software innovation at Carestream Dental for the past several years, and listening to the voice of the customer has always played a key role in developing new products. The educational program for the 2018 Global Oral Health Summit is no different. When it came to assembling the program, Carestream Dental sought the feedback of past Summit attendees to learn more about what real users wanted to learn more about.

The expertise of Dawn Hill, Jan Odell, Angie Minks, Misty Mattingly, Jerilyn Bird, Barb Nissen, Carol Chambers and Barb Houser, all volunteers, were called upon to help the Carestream Dental team develop a carefully curated program and event experience. Along with user experience designers and trainers, the volunteers, reviewed all purposed sessions and provided valuable feedback to ensure the educational program would meet the needs of attendees by addressing the challenges real practices and teams face every day.

Ultimately—and in keeping with the workflow-based theme of the Summit, “Where Your Practice Meets Proficiency”—the courses selected for the Summit support one of the following concepts: Developing an Effective Dental Practice, Patient Engagement, Consultation, Case Acceptance, Patient Care and Treatment and Patient Billing and Patient Follow-Up.

  • Developing an Effective Dental Practice: The Summit features a number of leadership and management courses that focus on strategies for building a stronger team. That includes maximizing efficiency and streamlining daily administrative tasks and strategies for building a healthy referral base—all key components of running an effective dental practice.

  • Patient Engagement: Courses at the Summit show doctors how they can market their practice and utilize online resources to build a strong web presence and engage with new and existing patients.

  • Consultation: At the 2018 Global Oral Health Summit, attendees learn strategies for using practice management software and state-of-the-art imaging equipment during consultations to streamline comprehensive dental exams and ensure new patients become loyal customers.

  • Case Acceptance: Vivid 3D images can educate patients about their diagnosis and treatment simulations increase case acceptance. In these courses, attendees learn new approaches for discussing treatment with patients, in addition to how to utilize reporting tools to track case acceptance and identify/address chief areas of concern.

  • Patient Care and Treatment: These courses show attendees how to use Carestream Dental products to perform more comprehensive examinations, create better treatment plans, communicate more effectively with patients and improve infection control. Attendees will also discuss ways to solicit feedback and communicate one-on-one with patients and learn how making these efforts can improve customer satisfaction and help build a loyal patient base.

  • Patient billing and Follow-Up: Attendees of these courses will have the opportunity to learn how to utilize eServices for more efficient insurance processing, coding support, payment processing, third-party financing and statement delivery.

Also new for 2018 are different session formats, from overviews of the latest industry trends for the whole team to how-to courses geared towards software users:

  • What's Trending in the Industry: Attendees learn from leading industry experts about the latest trends, challenges and best practices.

  • Ideal Solutions: Attendees gain in-depth knowledge of Carestream Dental's solutions, including their capabilities and features, during lectures and hands-on training opportunities.

  • Customer Perspectives: Real Carestream Dental customers share their insight with results-based presentations that highlight real-life cases.

  • Future Views: Get a sneak peek at some of the latest product developments—both practice management and imaging—straight from Carestream Dental leaders and product line managers.

  • Industry Roundtables: These interactive discussions and group activities encourage attendees to collaborate with their peers and open up about popular topics in the industry.

  • Keynote Lecture: Attendees are inspired to find their purpose in business and life after spending time with key speaker, Roy Spence, of the Purpose Institute.

No matter which courses attendees choose to sit in on, they’ll learn new skills that they can take back to their practices and put into use right away. Sessions are designed to meet the skill level of all attendees, from first-timers to expert superusers, and since there’s no need to pre-register for courses, the Summit educational experience is fully customizable.  Learn more about the 2018 Global Oral Health Summit program here.

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