Six Key Benefits of Using ePayments in Your Dental Practice

If posting payments and balancing your day sheet has become a long, tedious process, electronic payments could be the solution you’ve been looking for. ePayments can transform your workflow by drastically reducing the steps required to post a payment. The fewer the steps mean less opportunity for transactional errors. Here are six key additional benefits of integrating ePayments into your dental workflow.

With ePayments, you can:

    • Decrease risk of fraud by investing in the latest credit card processing technology.

    • Dramatically reduce accounts receivable errors by automatically posting payments to your practice management software patient’s ledger.

    • Avoid painstaking reconciliations with fast, integrated processing and detailed settlement reports.

    • Eliminate double posting and enjoy faster settlement.

    • Fully integrate the software into CS OrthoTrac, CS PracticeWorks, CS SoftDent, and CS WinOMS practice management systems.

    • Save time by having the patients’ payment post automatically to their account and securely storing credit card information for future payments.

Work smarter—not harder—by allowing your practice management software to do the work for you. ePayments is a great tool for elevating your practice proficiency and facilitating a great patient experience.

Carestream Dental Blog Administrator Contributor


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