Tip of the Day: How to Install 2019 CDT codes to CS SoftDent

All on-premise customers can now install the 2019 code set into CS SoftDent practice management software. The update is intended for users running CS SoftDent v14.030 and higher. If you are currently using a version ofSoftDent prior to version 14.0.03, you must either upgrade your software or add the CDT codes manually. For Cloud customers, you will be updated automatically and sent a message once the updates have been completed.

Here are the instructions for using the CDT 2019 Update Utility to update the CDT codes in CS SoftDent:

To install the new 2019 CDT codes:

1. Close SoftDent on all machines.

2.  On the server, Click on the SetupCDTCodes.zip file (also found as an attachment here).

3.  Click Save, and save the file to the desktop of the server.

4.  Right-click on the SetupCDTCodes.zip and select"extract" to unzip the file. The file should unzip to the same location. Note: The file will be unzipped as SetupCDTCodes.exe.

5.  Double-click on the SetupCDTCodes.exe file.

6.  At the first prompt, click Run or Yes.

7.  Read and accept the End User License Agreement.  A message is displayed when the codes have been installed successfully.

The CDT 2019 code set includes the following changes:

  • Fifteen new codes are added to the database.
  • Five codes are revised.
  • Fourteen codes were edited for syntax or spelling.
  • Four codes are removed.

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