An Educational Program Tailor-Made for Your Specialty

For the past several years, Carestream Dental has embraced a user-centered design as the focal point for innovation. The voice of the customer plays a key role in developing new products and enhancing educational tools. The Global Oral Health Summit is no different when it comes to these initiatives. The purpose of the Summit is to guide oral health professionals on their educational journey and offer a space for them to learn from their peers in the industry.

At the 2019 Global Oral Health Summit, there isn’t just one limited program experience; there are options for everyone! Whether you’re a clinician, administrative member or resident, the program is designed to fit the needs of all participants. To enhance the educational experience, Carestream Dental is excited to introduce the 2019 program with multi-workflow tracks. This year’s program’s sessions are centered around General Dentistry, Multi-Specialty, Oral Surgery and Orthodontics. The unique program allows attendees to fully customize their educational experience, having access to a variety of topics in the dental industry.

Here are a few of the workflow-specific sessions that will be presented:

General Dentistry

  • “CS SoftDent: Implementing a Smarter Clinical Workflow”
  • “CS PracticeWorks: Top Tools and Tips You Aren’t Using but Should Be”
  • “CS PracticeWorks: Basics of the Daily Workflow”


  • “Six Practical Steps to Ensure Your Collection processes are Proactive”
  • “The Top Six Protocols that Every Office Will Want to Implement”
  • “Building a Winning Team”
  • “Acquiring Patients & Managing Your Reputation”

Oral Surgery

  • “CS WinOMS: Basics of Daily Workflow”
  • “CS WinOMS: Top Reports Every Office Should Run”
  • “CS WinOMS: Scheduling: Filling the Gaps”


  • “CS OrthoTrac: Increasing the Accuracy of Your Insurance”
  • “CS OrthoTrac: Top Tools and Tips You Aren’t Using but Should Be”
  • “CS OrthoTrac: System Maintenance”

In addition to the workflow tracks, the program includes various session types – such as the Simulation Sessions and Customized Training Experiences – to keep material interactive and compelling. The Global Oral Health Summit will provide attendees with the best tools to increase their knowledge and network. Find out how you can be a part of this immersive experience!

>>>Learn more about the 2019 Global Oral Health Summit 

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