Digital Technology Evolves to Meet Evolving Patient Demands

Patient’s expectations of dentistry have evolved right alongside evolving digital trends. With advanced technology, patients expect a higher level of treatment and care. If they don’t feel that your practice can meet their expectations, they have plenty of options to go elsewhere. That’s why today’s cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) systems and planning software include unique features that not only aid doctors in their diagnosis but impress patients as well.

Impressing patients can begin with the first 3D scan thanks to thoughtful, patient-focused design. For example, the CS 9600 CBCT system’s optional integrated seat gives patients the perception the practice is thinking of their comfort, but it also leads to better image quality by providing added stability and reducing motion blur. The system’s open design means the assistant and the patient always stay connected. Plus, the system features an accessories tray for patients to conveniently place their personal items, such as glasses or jewelry.

After making a good first impression with a CBCT system that addresses their comfort, it’s then time to win the patient over and wow them with advanced software. For example, when a doctor presents a treatment plan for implants, which may cost thousands, it’s natural that a patient may be hesitant to accept treatment. However, if the doctor can attach an image to their words, immediately the message is much clearer for the patient. Fortunately, 3D software automatically merges the 3D scan captured by the CS 9600 with a digital impression taken with a Carestream Dental intraoral scanner and 3D facial scan images. This 3D digital reconstruction of the patient’s own teeth, jaw and face not only “wows” them with a stunning, life-like image, but reassures them that their doctor is using the best technology to care for them. Patients appreciate being in a surgery where they can see all the diagnostic tools that allow the doctor to make confident diagnoses and provide excellent care and are more likely to accept treatment.

With digital technology becoming a part of our everyday lives, even outside the dental surgery, patients expect a certain level of convenience and advanced technology everywhere they go. Fortunately, CBCT systems that feature patient-centered design and stunning 3D software meet the demands of informed patients and allow practices to rise to these evolving expectations.


About Dr. Diss

Dr. Antoine Diss studied at the dental university of Nancy, France. He later became a university hospital assistant in the department of periodontology at the University of Nice, where he completed his Ph.D. thesis, his DEA [post-graduate diploma] and science thesis. But instead of embarking on a university hospital career, he opted to go into private practice in Nice, specializing in implantology and periodontology. At that time, he founded his training association, Génération Implant. He currently specializes in implantology, guided implant surgery, soft tissue management, bone augmentation and oral surgery.

Dr. Antoine Diss


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