[Video] Here’s What’s New in CS OrthoTrac v14

Carestream Dental’s OrthoTrac practice management solution is designed to help orthodontists streamline day-to-day tasks and maintain a productive practice. OrthoTrac is constantly advancing to meet the needs of its users and this is certainly evident in version 14.3, which includes new and improved enhancements that help users accomplish tasks faster and more efficiently than before. Here is a quick video overview of the latest features included in the OrthoTrac update.

OrthoTrac 14.3 Features:

  • Paperless Patient Forms. Allows patients to complete web-based registration forms. The patient information collected in the form will be seamlessly imported into the OrthoTrac software and the new patient record, saving time and effort each day.
  • Notes Time Stamp. Automatic time stamping for Clinical and Non-Clinical notes has been enabled to not only improve the fidelity of your notes, but also eliminate the need for staff to manually add today’s date when entering patient-related notes in OrthoTrac.
  • Tx Card Enhancements. Minor enhancements to Tx card include the ability to detach the notes tab and displaying the acquisition date of the Panorex image.
  • SQL 2014. OrthoTrac v14.3 will now require SQL 2014 and offer the ability to migrate from their existing 2005/2008 installation to SQL 2014


OrthoTrac 15.0 is scheduled to launch in 2019. Stay tuned for more details regarding the release!

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