Carestream Dental’s Values Reflected in a New World

As we are individually being tested by the impact to almost all aspects of our lives by the COVID-19 pandemic, the same applies to organizations. How an organization manages through this most difficult of times can shape its course long-term. Looking at organizational values and how they are relevant to actual practice--especially in the face of this pandemic--can be a litmus test of how an organization fares in adverse times.

At Carestream Dental, our core values challenge us—as an organization and individuals—to constantly look at novel ways of doing things collaboratively with a strong sense of ownership to make the oral healthcare space better for everyone. The following is how our team is living these values as we manage through these difficult times.

Believe—We are great people who all contribute and will build our future together.

Our flagship practice management software, Sensei Cloud, is a prime example where we worked hand-in-hand with dental practices to build the most comprehensive practice management platform in the industry. This one platform meets the need of both general dentists and orthodontists and brings value-adding features, such as user-centric design, scalability, advanced multitasking capabilities and business applications.

And, even during such difficult times, we have continued to innovate and add valuable features such as the built-in Patient Screening Forms that enables users to screen patients for potential illnesses, symptoms and risk factors prior to booking or checking-in appointments, as well as integrated ePrescriptions to keep up with the state mandates.

Own It—We are passionate about our business and our brand and accountable to each other, our customers and our investors.

We are not merely bringing product solutions to help better the dental world but content that is educational and informative. This was never more critical than now. So, we started LaunchPad—a new (and free) program that offers enhanced digital learning experiences to dental professionals seeking personal and professional development with access to educational content from leaders in oral healthcare. Choose from live webinars, pre-recorded courses, white papers and interactive resources on the industry’s latest insights, tools and software. Furthermore, we have a host of resources and product solutions as part of our Practice Safely campaign.

Transform—We are curious, creative, innovative and embrace change.

Our eCommerce portal is now a one-stop shop for key consumables that a dental practice may need—face shields, scanner tips, Scan-Mate oral retractors, sensor sheaths, etc. Our investment in eCommerce capabilities continues as dentistry goes more and more digital. Besides eCommerce, we have built a Communication Hub (resource center) on our website to help customers navigate through COVID-19, featuring a Teledentistry option, the latest CDC guidelines and business tips such as cash management during a crisis amongst many other resources. Furthermore, we revamped our corporate branding to represent the Carestream Dental of today—fully digital, providing integrated workflows—but also forward looking, focusing on data-driven insights for our customers.

Anticipate—We work with a shared common purpose and a sense of urgency to create value.

We pivoted quickly to expand our product solutions that fit the needs of staying connected to patients while the practice is closed, working remotely and creating as contactless as possible workflows. Our Patient Engagement bundles offer a variety of options to help our customers not only stay connected to their patients remotely but also help with marketing the practice as they open. Our partnership with Vital payment processing systems offers our customers a contactless solution. Our eClaims offering is a truly end-to-end electronic process, meaning claims never get dropped to paper—another way to mitigate any infection. 

Deliver—We strive to delight our customers.

Look at a handful of products to see this value in action. The Evo Edition of our CS 8100 3D delivers outstanding image clarity in all modalities, a simple 4-in-1 solution that offers value and no compromise on quality—ideal for general dentists and endodontists who want to benefit from in-office CBCT imaging. Or, read up the recent study on our CS 3700 intraoral scanner that ranked high for reliability when scanning implants, perhaps the most critical aspect of scanners in such an application. Or, the industry leading red-eye reduction feature added to our CS Orthodontic Imaging software in its latest release—using artificial intelligence to automatically find the eyes and remove redeye with a single click of a button. Or, the value-adding addition of a new financial estimator tool in our CS OrthoTrac practice management software, which allows for quick calculation of treatment costs, monthly payments and duration of payments for prospective patients and responsible parties during the initial consultation.

All of these are among examples of how we are constantly adding features to our product solutions to continuously improve workflows and practice management for our customers.

Our team is going through the same challenges as most of the world is—caring for ourselves, our families and our teammates; managing our workloads while the world around us is completely different; working together as a team despite being remote from our typical office desks; and taking care of our customers with a high standard of service while our customers are facing unfamiliar challenges. Yet, we have not lost focus on our organizational values and continue to live them every day.

Ahmad Nasir Regional Product Manager, Americas


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