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 A New Look and Feel - The Same Software You Know and Love

COVID-19 has made automated and electronic communication more important than ever. From maximizing your staff time to limiting in-person contact, you need systems that are designed to facilitate communication and keep your patients and your work flowing while allowing you to track the exact location of patients within your practice.

CS OrthoTrac v15.1.3 includes significant interface updates that will help you and your staff better monitor patients as they make their appointment journey through your practice as well as online software updates.

Modernized Patient Flow User Interface

An improved user experience was imperative when redesigning the Patient Flow module in CS OrthoTrac v15.1.3. Now you can enjoy enhanced viewability with:

  • Updated icons and a revamped color palette for improved visibility

  • Optimized screen scalability for computers with different resolutions

  • The ability to enlarge the thumbnail for improved patient identification

  • Updated clock timers that better display elapsed time details

  • Boosted light bar performance to eliminate lags caused by continuous data refresh

See how the new version compares with the previous version:

Previous Version

OrthoTrac v15.1.3

OT Previous.png

OT Updated.png

As you can see, the Patient Flow screen now better scales for monitors with varying resolutions, allowing the columns to widen so all pertinent appointment information can be easily viewed. The textual details are no longer compressed, and now there is enough space dedicated for the content in each column. In addition, the location identification colors and icons have been updated to a more sophisticated palette, and the color coding is more intuitive thanks to a colored bar next to each icon.

Here’s a closer look at the updated Patient Flow interface:

blog pic3.png

Safety precautions around COVID-19 may have limited the number of patients within your practice—which means identifying patients as they arrive for appointments is more important than ever. To assist with this, you can now hover over the patient’s thumbnail in OrthoTrac v15.1.3 for an enlarged view. Patients without a stored Snapshot will no longer show an empty white frame―instead, an avatar will be displayed.

blog pic 4.png

The corresponding lightbar has also experienced a significant makeover.  The font clarity has improved, and the updated color palette also provides more contrast for the text—resulting in improved readability.

The timers are not only easier to read, but now also provide additional information about the appointment status. You can see exactly how many minutes are left for the scheduled appointment, as well as when a patient arrived early, when an appointment is on time and when an appointment is running beyond the scheduled time.

Previous Version

OrthoTrac v15.1.3

blog pic 5.png

blog pic 6.png

At the bottom of the updated light bar, a chart provides a summary of how many patients are in each location, helping you to better monitor the number of patients within your practice.

blog pic 7.png

Online Software Updates

For your convenience, all future updates to your OrthoTrac solution will be delivered via an online distribution channel, rather than DVD. Simply access the portal and download your software update directly. Cloud customers will automatically receive this update, while on-premise OrthoTrac customers on an active support agreement with a current email on file will receive an email communication with information regarding this new process.

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