Say “Hello” to Carestream Dental’s New Look and Feel

With roots older than 100 years old (when the first dental image was captured on Eastman film in 1896), we’ve seen a lot of change in dentistry. Even our chief dental officer, Ed Shellard, often remarks on things that have changed since he first started practicing in the 80s (think, gloves not required during exams, film processing rooms taking up valuable practice space).

Much like the industry, Carestream Dental continues to evolve. We’re entering a new era. One where data—not just imaging equipment and practice management software—is advancing the market. As we continue to look towards what’s next in dentistry, we made the decision to also evolve our look and feel to reflect this digital future. But this isn’t a case of change for change’s sake; there’s a very specific reason for the new branding you’ll be seeing over the coming months.


First, the logo.

More than two years ago (on Sept. 1, 2017), Carestream Dental became an independent 100% digital dental company. However, we still carried the heritage of our former parent company in our logo.

Our refreshed logo features a new font that is friendlier and more approachable. Plus, adding a shadow to the logo gives it a sense of dimension, reflecting the depth of our offerings and commitment to the industry. And, much like our CBCT 3D offerings, this dimensional aspect represents the ability to uncover opportunities that are deeper than just the surface.

Digital Flow

The digital flow is a visual device that reflects Carestream Dental’s never-ending drive toward innovation. Like our dedication, the digital flow really has no end; even in static use, it represents our constant striving for better, more effective solutions. We never stand still, especially when it comes to transforming the dental industry. Always reaching forward, while still firmly rooted in the needs of today’s practice.

And with the expression of this data flow came the need to introduce more colors into our palette. In addition to the yellow, black, white and gray—which are staples—you’ll be seeing more vibrant blues, purples and pinks as well.

What’s Not Changing

Although our website, social media channels and tradeshow booths may be changing, what won’t change is our commitment to providing the most intuitive digital solutions in the dental industry, and our promise to support professionals and their patients with passion, knowledge and insights from our global associates and partners.

We look forward to continuing to advance dental technology, with you!

Carestream Dental Blog Administrator Contributor