Benefits of Using a Cloud Application for Collaboration

Benefits of Using a Cloud Application for Collaboration

When it comes to sharing images immediately with referring doctors and other third parties, email just doesn’t cut it. Aside from being limited in file size, there is often no version control available when sending patient images back and forth.

Enter the Cloud. Now, you can easily share intraoral scans, CBCT data, STL data and images within a click and your recipient can make comments or mark up the document in real time. Best of all, Carestream Dental’s Imaging and Case Collaboration (ICC) application is integrated into your imaging software, which makes sharing images with your peers seamless.

The following are just a few of the benefits practices will experience when using ICC for collaboration.

Data Sharing for Enhanced Collaboration

By using the Cloud, you can share 2D and 3D patient images with any of your contacts from any device connected to the Internet. In addition, automated synchronization procedures ensure that you always work with and share the latest patient data files and information.

What does this mean for you?

  • Stronger collaboration and communication in real time

  • Improved time management, thanks to the multiple supports available

  • Improved accuracy of analysis for treatment options thanks to independent reanalysis

  • More time spent focusing on treatment planning, rather than data protection, storage, distribution, updates and encryption when sharing files and cases

Data Security

When it comes to sharing files on the Internet, security is a very real concern. With ICC, data is stored and secured outside of the practice, and you can remove access for anyone at any time. And all storage and retrieval within ICC meets local, regional and country policies to ensure compliance.

What does this mean for you?

  • Gain peace of mind knowing your data is protected

  • Reduce reliance on onsite servers— since data backup, hosting and security are all included

  • Protect data and communications through encryption, preserving integrity, security and privacy.

  • Preserve confidentiality and patient safety

Easy Workflow

In order to maximize productivity, finding a solution that works within your workflow is essential. ICC provides one place for you to access all your acquired patient data, and its interface was designed with ease-of-use in mind, so you'll have as few clicks as possible to get to the files you need.

ICC supports standard data formats (DICOM, STL and JPG) to integrate easily with most dental equipment manufacturers and practice management software, and offers the ability to add information at specific 3D locations and re-assess these points thanks to the 3D notes.

When it comes to data, this solution compresses the DICOM data to enable transfer and storage. And, with the ability to scale, data capacity is virtually infinite!

What does this mean for you?

  • You save valuable time by sharing images with just a click

  • Collaboration and communication are easier than ever

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