Carestream Dental’s Holiday Gift Giving Guide for the Practice That Has It All

The holidays are just around the corner, but what to get the oral healthcare professional who has it all? Fortunately, Carestream Dental’s online holiday gift guide is here, and so are the exclusive deals. Whether you’re shopping for a special someone or treating yourself, Carestream Dental has something to appeal to every personality.

For the techie: For the practitioner who’s made eliminating traditional impressions their New Year’s Resolution, it just has to be the CS 3600 intraoral scanner. The latest enhancements to the CS 3600 intraoral scanner’s acquisition software take the technology from smart to genius. Intelligent scanning features, such as color coding to indicate gaps in the data set and guide arrows that show the ideal direction for a rescan, deliver helpful feedback to improve scans in real time. In restoration mode, users are alerted to possible undercuts, have the ability to lock retracted gingival to avoid collapse and can take measurements around the arch. The updated implant-borne restorative workflow includes the new scanbody area selection tool that allows users to select the region around the scanbody to prevent an image mismatch. New for the orthodontic workflow is the ability to use the CS 3600 to capture HD 2D intraoral quadrant “snapshots,” which can be extracted from the digital impression for the patient’s file. All three workflows feature color-coded occlusion mapping. Learn more here.*

NOTE: When your techie giftee has gotten the hang of digital impressions, considering gifting them an upgrade to CS ScanFlow for their birthday, the latest scanning software from Carestream Dental.

For the photographer: For the person who wants to capture every moment, inside and outside the mouth, there’s the CS 1500 intraoral camera. In addition to providing images with the highest resolution on the market, this little camera offers a wide focus range of 1mm to infinity—letting your giftee easily view the smallest cracks, caries and lesions. Patented liquid lens technology provides automatic focus, and an 8-LED lighting system optimizes illumination and contrast. A polarization filter removes unwanted reflection. Choose from either a wireless version for maximum portability ore a wired version that connects directly to practice computers via USB. Both versions support sharing images with third parties and referrals. Learn more here.*

For the person who’s always on the go: It’s the latest thing in portable generator technology: The CS 2400P. This small, portable generator offers practices the powerful X-ray beam needed for exceptional diagnostic images. Thanks to its exclusive battery-free design, the CS 2400P can go from completely discharged to ready-to-go in less than three minutes and deliver multiple shots before needing to be recharged to keep a team on schedule. The generator’s exposure parameters are similar to those of a conventional generator (70 KV; 3,5 mA) so image quality is never sacrificed for the convenience of portability. The sharp images produced by the CS 2400P lets clinicians confidently add capacity to their practice without sacrificing quality or space. Learn more here.*

For the person who loves compliments: Who doesn’t love being told how great they are? With Patient Manager, you can turn all the nice thing patients are saying about your practice into Google Reviews that drive referrals. Years ago, acquiring new patients meant word-of-mouth referrals, a listing in the Yellow Pages and insurance referrals—just to name a few. Now, collecting reviews is easier with Patient Manager using Google-compliant Reputation Management tools. Send raving fans to Google to leave positive reviews and filter negative reviews back to your office to address. The better reviews you have on Google, the higher up you will show in search engine results, which makes it easier for potential patients to find you when searching for a dentist near them. Learn more here.*

For the lover of classics: You can never go wrong with a classic intraoral sensor, the tiny piece of technology that’s at the start of every case—no matter how simple or how complicated—just position, expose, view. With the RVG 6200 intraoral sensor exceptional image quality is just a few clicks away, with its 24 lp/mm true image resolution and built-in periodontic, endodontic and dentin-enamel junction filters. Plus, CS Adapt delivers the most sophisticated and powerful image processing filter pre-sets available. Its thinner rear-entry cable results in easier positioning and greater patient comfort and its durable, shock-resistant casing is designed to withstand bites, shocks and drops. Learn more here.*

*Offers valid US only

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