Sensei Cloud – A Year of Progress and Innovation

In the final days of 2020, many organizations named their word of the year. These words reflect the life-changing impact that 2020 had on people’s professional and personal lives, as well as their resilience. In the middle of a worldwide pandemic, while practices wondered how their businesses would survive lockdown, Carestream Dental witnessed doctors and their teams pivot quickly. Doctors and their teams would need to operate virtually and manage cashflow, and then fill schedules and practice safely once offices reopened.

So, Carestream Dental is naming its own word of the year: Innovation. Oral healthcare professionals asked for solutions that would help them not just adapt to the new environment but thrive, and Carestream Dental delivered. In fact, 50 percent of Sensei Cloud’s features launched in 2020 came directly from customer feedback.


See firsthand how Sensei Cloud’s innovative technology can add value to your practice.


The Digital Stream Carestream Dental Blog Administrator