There’s No Better Excuse to Market Your Practice Than When You Install New Solutions

Installing a new piece of equipment is a great time to market your practice to the community. Not only does it give you an opportunity to explain some of the new treatments you’ll be able to offer, it also signals to potential and existing patients that you’ve invested in their care. And with two out of three patients willing to switch to a dentist they think is using more advanced technology,* you can’t miss an opportunity to let the world know you are using the most cutting-edge digital equipment. But you’re already wearing two hats as a clinician and a business owner—now you’re expected to launch a marketing campaign advertising your new technology?

One of the great benefits of partnering with Carestream Dental is gaining access to additional resources like product-specific marketing kits. After your new technology has been delivered and installed, download a free marketing kit from Carestream Dental and let your everyone know there’s a new reason to check out your practice.

These kits include pre-drafted wording you can use on your website or in patient letters introducing the technology—whether it’s 3D imaging or an intraoral scanner—and how it will play a role in treatment and care. There’s also a press release that you can update with your information and share with local news websites. The kits even include referral letters so you can let your colleagues know they can rest assured the patients they send to your will be receiving even better care. Finally, pre-drafted social media posts let you share the good news across the internet.

Many patients want their doctor or a team member to talk to them more about the equipment in the practice.* While educating patients on your digital technology is a good idea at any time (95% of patients reporting a positive experience say their doctor provided technology education*) the installation of new equipment specifically gives you the perfect opportunity to market your practice. It can help attract new patients by helping them understand how an appointment at your practice isn’t like the dentistry they remember in the past.

Download a free marketing kit and let your community know how you’ve invested in their care.

*2019 Global Digital Dentistry Survey: Asked among 7,000 nationally representative adults ages 18+ in 7 markets: U.S., Canada, UK, Germany, France, India and China

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