Using CS ScanFlow’s Cut Tools

When I train practices on how to use CS ScanFlow—Carestream Dental’s acquisition software for its intraoral scanners—people are always impressed by the variety of tools that help them to create a better digital impression.

One example is CS ScanFlow’s cut tools, which allow you to easily cut out data that isn’t necessary for treatment planning and allows you to easily clean up the impression.

In the video below, I will walk you through how to use several cut tools in CS ScanFlow, including:

  • Free cut tool

  • Brush cut tool

  • Circle cut tool

  • Plane cut tool

You will also see how to use the scan history check tool, which allows you to go backward I the scan before the unwanted data was present.


Looking for more tips and tricks? Check out Carestream Dental Institute’s YouTube channel!

Veronica Blea Carestream Dental Specialist