Why reviews matter for your practice

Did you know that 86% of consumers looking for a dentist check online before booking their first appointment? Of those, 60% will choose their dentist based on a positive review. That means soliciting patient reviews should be a top priority in your practice. Providing top-quality service that will get your patients excited about sharing their experience can be the ticket to seeing more patients. 

Encouraging your patients to review your services is a simple way to expand your brand reach and get more potential patients intrigued enough to schedule an appointment. You can even use technology to communicate with your patients, collect reviews and ultimately boost the reputation of your practice. 

Why do reviews matter?

Today, people are using the internet to research and guide restaurant choices, enhance a shopping experience and pair patients with the right doctor. 

Patients who are looking for a specific type of dentist may be led to you based on detailed reviews from other patients. While many people still rely on their loved ones for a dentist recommendation, others are turning to the internet for reviews from an unbiased point of view. They’re searching for voices speaking transparently and honestly about their experience at a practice. In fact, 79% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

Reviews don’t only show prospective consumers what your practice atmosphere and staff members are like. It also shows them how up-to-date your protocols are. Research shows that two out of three patients would consider switching to a doctor who uses more advanced technology, which means patients are paying attention to the use of digital dental tools for a quicker and more efficient experience. 

This goes for both inside and outside of your dental practice—using advanced technology in the chair, like an intraoral scanner, can bring peace of mind to patients who are no longer comfortable with traditional impressions. Patients who can schedule their appointment without picking up the phone may also be more intrigued by your practice. In fact, a recent survey found that 94% of respondents would be more inclined to commit to a service provider if they could book an appointment online.

So how can I encourage more reviews from my patients?

First and foremost, your top priority should always be to provide the best possible care to every patient who walks into your practice. This sets the foundation for a trustworthy and engaging patient/provider relationship, which can ultimately encourage them to spread the word about their experiences and prompt more patients to inquire about your services.

Asking patients to review your practice can go a long way, but this isn’t necessarily the most convenient route for them. Patients may be happy with the time spent in your practice, but this doesn’t mean that they will take time out of their day to spread the word. Patients are looking for an opportunity to share their experiences without having to go out of their way—and Patient Manager can be the vehicle used to achieve this. 

Patient Manager provides a seamless patient/provider experience by fostering electronic communication, encouraging reviews and more. This one-stop shop for patient engagement allows you to set automated texts that encourage recent patients to leave a Google Review. It streamlines the process by sending a clickable link that takes reviewers exactly where they need to go. This Google-compliant feature is a simple way to not only retain your practice’s most loyal patients, but also boost your online reputation and encourage prospective patients to contact you for more information. 

As technology continues to transform and be one of the main vehicles for patient/provider discovery, finding opportunities to gain patient feedback is essential. With Patient Manager, you can increase patient engagement, improve care options and gain new patient leads based on existing patient reviews. Contact us today to learn more. 

The Digital Stream Carestream Dental Blog Administrator