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What better way to learn new diagnostic techniques and strategies than from the oral health professionals who put these same techniques to use every day? At the Global Oral Health Summit, attendees not only learn from product developers but also their peers in the industry. Peer-to-peer knowledge exchange is one of the best ways for oral health professionals to receive advice on what works for others in their practice and how their efforts help them overcome day-to-day challenges in the office.

This year’s Summit is giving a new outlook on the “voice of the customer” by providing doctor-track sessions led by current clinicians in the industry. From exploring sleep aligners to in-house milling, the clinician-led sessions will provide attendees with the best techniques for boosting practice efficiency and improving the patient experience.

Here is a look into a few of the doctor-track sessions that will be presented at the Summit:

Dr. Rick Ferguson
– “Chairside Milling. How We Got Here and Why We Can't Go Back? The Easiest Solution Made All the Difference.”

This interactive presentation will discuss the various aspects of how chairside milling can positively affect your practice. “Adding a mill to our practice was no mistake. A lot of thought went into the ROI and implementation. The cost savings, convenience, and “wow” factor were all major facts of our purchase decision. Any new technology will disrupt a practice and must be worth the change on multiple levels. Chairside milling did not meet the criteria for our small practice until very recently with the advent of the CS 3100 partnered with the CS 3600. Now is the time to enter this digital world. It's just too easy not to.” -Dr. Ferguson

Dr. George Mandelaris – “The Digital Revolution in Periodontics and Dental Implant Treatment”

The growing availability of 3-dimensional tomography and computer-aided dentistry have allowed clinicians to manage diagnostic information and ensure more predictable prosthetic treatment outcomes. An accurate diagnosis and treatment plan are the most important principles in ensuring ideal results. The judicious application of technology and information management to interdisciplinary therapy has the potential to improve the co-diagnostic process and ensure that the diagnostic steps are optimized, clearly communicated, and effectively translated to the patient. Collaborative accountability requires that all interdisciplinary team members be held accountable for their role in patient care based on objective pre-surgical information. This lecture will review the evolution of periodontology, largely based on imaging technology, and what is considered a contemporary scope of practice today.

Dr. Robert (Tito) Norris – “Role of CBCT Imaging in Airway Friendly Orthodontics”

The use of CBCT (3D) imaging in orthodontics is rapidly growing; however, many orthodontists still question when 3D imaging is appropriate and how 3D images will actually impact the course of treatment. This course will explore how CBCT imaging can influence clinical decisions in a wide variety of situations. Dr. Norris will specifically address the impact of 3D imaging in his concerning patient airways. This lecture is intended to enhance clinicians’ ability to detect and treat airway issues in patients of all age and demonstrate the vital role of CBCT in the recognition, referral, and treatment of airway compromised patients.

Dr. Michael Block – “Implant Planning Merging CS 9600 Cone Beam Scans with CS 3600 Intraoral Scans”

This lecture will focus on the use of digital means to plan and orchestrate implant placement and restoration. The use of cone-beam scanning merged with intraoral scans allows the clinician to view missing structures and virtually plan for the final restoration. The final plan then dictates the surgical needs to complete the restoration. It is critical for the clinical team to have a firm understanding of the final restoration and the importance of user-friendly software.

Other clinician led-sessions include:

  • Baron Grutter – “In House Clear Aligners”

  • Scotty Bolding – “Dental Sleep”

  • Riley Clark – “Implant Planning”

All of the clinician-led courses are guaranteed to help attendees learn new skills that they can put into use right away. Learn more about the full course schedule and explore all of the ways you can connect at the 2019 Global Oral Health Summit here.

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