Care Management Platform
The one platform that brings your whole practice into alignment.
Care Management Platform
The one DPMS platform that brings your whole practice into alignment.
The practice, made perfect.
The Care Management Platform was built from your input. Our software performs how you need it to in the workflow you prefer. Care Management Platform is the only cloud platform that combines imaging, workflow focus, intuitive design and anytime, anywhere access to patient data into one single solution.
Practice Dashboard

Get a clearer picture of your practice.

The user-friendly dashboard not only gives you a snapshot of how your practice is running, it also provides intuitive links that make it easy to take action according to your metrics.

Checkout Queue

Checkout is no longer a chore.

Once a patient’s appointment is done, they are added to the checkout queue in real time on everyone’s browser. So when they reach the front desk, their information is already up and the user can easily schedule treatment plan items and appointments, take payments, or print the patient a statement or excuse letter. All without having to leave the current screen.

Patient Management

Built for your interruption-filled day.

Quickly search through all patients (based on name, phone number, address, etc.), access their patient mini card, and perform common actions, such as taking payments and scheduling appointments. All without leaving your current screen.

Hard Tissue Chart

An easier approach to hard tissue.

Our streamlined visual design makes it easy for you to chart and plan treatment, as well as compare past charts.

Perio Chart

It works the way you do.

Our intuitive perio chart supports user-specific exam workflows, so you can complete exams in a way that works best for you. And while the chart offers the robust functionality needed for in-depth documentation, it also lets you quickly review important patient conditions and customize flagging of any findings of interest.

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Give us a little information and we’ll give you a whole lot of functionality. Whether you’re ready to start your trial or you would like us to demo the platform for you, you will quickly see what Care Management Platform can mean for your practice.  

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