Trends for 2018 Are Timeless!

What will be the biggest dental trends in the New Year? Carestream Dental asked industry leaders for their thoughts and Lisa Moler, publisher, MedMark Media, came back with her predictions.*

As publisher of Implant Practice US, Orthodontic Practice US, Endodontic Practice US, and Dental Sleep Practice, I get to be involved with an amazing profession. With all of the new procedures, techniques, and equipment being developed on a global scale—it takes time and effort for clinicians to keep current on the latest opportunities to treat patients faster, more comfortable and more effectively. Luckily, by reading print and digital publications and attending webinars, dental professionals can have that information at their fingertips!

One of the most prevalent changes in dental practices is the race to “go digital.” Electronic medical records systems, electronic insurance billing, digital X-rays and patient portals are becoming expected for an efficient office.

3D imaging continues to revolutionize oral healthcare by giving clinicians the opportunity to have a “surgical view” without even picking up a scalpel.  The options for low-dose imaging have been a boon to clinicians who place implants. Seeing dental anatomy in 3D, plus obtaining all of the possible measurements related to bone density and other data, all help to avoid possible complications before and during surgery.

Along with 3D, CAD/CAM technology lets clinicians avoid traditional impressions when possible. They can also choose to mill crowns and other restorations in-office.

In addition to the usual dental concerns, treatment for airway and sleep-disordered breathing changes and even saves, patients’ lives. From children to adults, working with qualified sleep physicians, clinicians can use their CBCT technology for airway analysis and a true view of the airway anatomy.

From clear aligners to implants to lasers — every technology expands options for clinicians and patients. From the many products available, clinicians should choose technologies that benefit the individualized personality of their practice. This applies to marketing trends as well.  Happy 2018! May your practices prosper and your patients be plentiful!

* The opinions expressed on the blog are a reflection of the author and not an endorsement from Carestream Dental.

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