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At Carestream Dental, we pride ourselves on continually developing and improving our products to keep up with the constantly evolving technology of today. In light of this, we have designed our CS Solutions CAD/CAM portfolio to streamline your workflow, not complicate it, by providing you with a variety of options—whether you want a complete, integrated system or a series of simple, time-saving solutions.

Our CS Solutions CAD/CAM portfolio has expanded this year to include several new features to the CS 3500 intraoral scanner, CS Restore design software and the CS 3000 milling machine.

CS 3500: Our intraoral scanner now addresses an implant workflow with an intuitive process for the acquisition of scan bodies and implant abutments1.

Scan Bodies A new precise cutting tool allows users to draw a free-form shape to select and cut a specific tooth area for simplified rescanning and improved precision during the scanning process.

You also now have the option to fully integrate the STL data produced by the CS 3500 with exocad software, which is accessible through CS Restore software. This integration allows you to take advantage of the precise acquisition data of the CS 3500 and the advanced design capabilities offered by exocad.

CS Restore: With our new multiple case management feature, users can work on several restorations at the same time and on the same model—saving you time and streamlining the design workflow! CS Restore also includes an improved user interface that is more intuitive for faster and easier restoration customization.

For further convenience, an update has been made to the speed of the software, expediting the design process and saving you and your patients valuable time.

CS 3000: We continue to expand the range of certified materials that can be used with our chairside milling machine. Our list of certified materials now includes: VITA Mark II, VITA Enamic, VITA CAD Temp, 3M Ultimate, Ivoclar, Shofu, GC CERASMAT, multi layer blocks1

As you can see, we are continuing to invest in your CS Solutions purchase. We are excited to share these new features with you and look forward to taking you to the next step in CAD/CAM technology.

Please stay tuned for more news on the latest product features, clinical cases and much more over the upcoming months.

To the continued success of your practice,

Joe Andrasko Joe Andrasko
Product Line Manager
Digital Imaging/CS Solutions

Fast, Simple, Automated Restoration Design

CS Restore is the design software that fits in the digital workflow between your digital impression and your finished restoration using the CS 3000 chairside milling system.

In a series of very simple steps, you can design your restoration using the predicted software design tools, but you also have the ability customize your design based on your specific requirements. For example, if you are milling a crown as part of a combination case and would like to customize it to include rest seats and a buccal undercut area for a clasp arm of a CrCo2 denture, you can easily achieve this fabrication (see Figure 1).

The underlying ethos behind the research and development of CS Restore software is to continue to provide software that is straightforward and simple to use. CS Restore is now on its fifth free software upgrade. The latest release added several other materials used in the CS 3000 milling machine, including VITA MkII, VITA Enamic, Lava Ultimate. Other materials will be added in the next release.

CS Model adds trimmed bases to your digital impressions by importing “hollow” stereolithography (STL) files and adding the bases. CS Model also includes the measuring tools required for par scoring. You can arrange your own report styles and layouts and export these in .pdf format. We have been working closely with our orthodontic clients and their dental laboratories to ensure this model software meets their needs.

Several dental laboratories commented that they wished the intraoral scanners could export “solid” STL files and not the “hollow” ones the labs receive today.

When they explained the benefits to us, an upgrade was planned and scheduled as a priority, to include the exporting of a solid STL file, which was released as a free upgrade on Nov. 20. In total, only four weeks elapsed from suggestion to implementation.

We like to think that this is another example of how fast our system is developing and that we are always ready to incorporate the valuable feedback from VOC (Voice of Customer).

Clinical Cases 
CBCT and CAD/CAM Allow for One-Day Restoration of Tooth #9

CBCT and CAD/CAM for One-Day Restorations

When Dr. Robert Pauley received a frantic call from the mother of one of his patients, a 12-year-old girl who had just broken her front tooth in P.E. class, he knew exactly what to do.

After taking a radiograph and determining that tooth #9 was horizontally fractured at the middle third, he was able to prepare the tooth, scan the impression, design the restoration, mill the crown and cement it—all within one appointment.

Read more about this clinical case

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Dr. Silverman explains the benefits of the CS 3500 scanner
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Overview of CS Solutions for restorations
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1 Work in progress – not yet available for sale

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