IO Scanner Link
Open your practice to seamless scanner integration
IO Scanner Link is an open solution that allows users to connect CS Imaging software directly to leading intraoral scanners acquisition software, giving you the freedom to use the scanner of your choice. The advanced integration with CS Imaging software provides a seamless workflow for practitioners using third-party scanners.
How it Works*

Initiate scan acquisition in CS Imaging software

Patient data is automatically transferred to IOS software

Perform intraoral scan

Scan is imported directly into CS Imaging software

Integrated intraoral scanners
Discover current intraoral scanner integrations with CS Imaging software.
New integrations will be added in the future.





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DEXIS™ IS 3600
DEXIS™ IS 3700
DEXIS™ IS 3800


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iTero Element™ Flex
iTero Element™ 2
iTero Element™ 5D
iTero Element™ Plus Series

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MEDIT™ i500
MEDIT™ i600
MEDIT™ i700
MEDIT™ i700 wireless  


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* The above workflow is an illustrative example. CS Imaging version 8 software connects to multiple IOS acquisition software not developed by Carestream Dental and permits the delivery of intraoral scans from third-party software to CS Imaging.
To benefit from IO Scanner link capabilities and scanner integration, a CS Imaging software update might be required. Contact your sales representative.