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Choose from a suite of tools that use technology to tackle time-consuming tasks. When you adopt the latest eServices technology, patient management and engagement are increased while delivering the best possible care for your patients.
Extraoral Accessories
Extraoral imaging systems and accessories provide both tremendous value and performance.
Imaging Plate Systems
Order a new system, accessories, or replacement imaging plates for the CS 7200 and CS 7600 imaging plate systems.
Imaging Software
Carestream Dental imaging software is an ecomical and intuitive solution that can assist any practice in providing better patient care.
Intraoral Cameras
Get the visual evidence you need to educate patients and make more accurate diagnoses with Carestream Dental intraoral cameras — designed to deliver precise, true-to-life images with each and every shot.
Intraoral Imaging
Intraoral imaging equipment and accessories by Carestream Dental.
Infection Control
Safety for you, your staff and your patients is the first and foremost concern for your practice.During this time, it is critical to have products that reinforce infection control and give you peace of mind. Carestream Dental provides solutions that can help meet the highest safety needs.
Intraoral Generators
Carestream Dental's intraoral generators deliver exceptional image quality with unprecedented flexibility, making them ideal for an array of intraoral procedures.