HIPAA Compliance Information

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is designed to improve the efficiency of the healthcare industry and ensure patient-identifiable information remains confidential. We understand how important it is for your practice to comply with these requirements—that’s why all of our products are designed to help ensure you meet all the legal and regulatory terms of HIPAA.

We encourage our customers to familiarize themselves with all aspects of HIPAA to ensure full compliance with the act. Download this PDFOpens in new window to learn more.

The HIPAA Security Rule became effective on April 20, 2005. For our customers that believe they need an amendment to their existing Business Associate Agreement with Carestream Dental to incorporate additional HIPAA Security language, we have prepared such an Amendment that is available here. Simply print the Amendment, which has already been executed by Carestream Dental, and mail it to us. For additional information on HIPAA Security, please see below.

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