Panoramic Imaging Systems

Our panoramic imaging systems use Tomosharp technology to reconstruct the best possible panoramic image automatically and deliver crystal-clear images.

CS 8100:
Panoramic Imaging

Featuring "plug-and-play" technology and powerful image processing, the CS 8100’s Evo Edition delivers outstanding image clarity. Ideal for general practitioners.

CS 8100 3D:
CBCT + Panoramic Imaging

A simple 4-in-1 solution offering great value and image quality—ideal for general dentists and endodontists who want to benefit from in-office CBCT imaging.

CS 8200 3D:
CBCT + Panoramic Imaging

A proven and versatile CBCT system featuring an extended field of view that is ideal for practices who want to expand their treatment capabilities. Great for general dentistry, implant planning and periodontics.

CS 9600:
CBCT + Panoramic Imaging

A scalable, 5-in-1 CBCT scanner with the broadest range of volume sizes, fast scan times and AI-powered positioning. Ideal for general dentistry, endodontics, periodontics, implants and OMS applications.