Entertaining Videos Take a Unique Look at Digital Impressions Workflow

“I take lots of totally rad impressions,” says the 1980s version of California-based Joel Henriod, D.D.S. In a new series of educational videos, Dr. Henriod uses humor to highlight the many uses of Carestream Dental’s CS 3500 intraoral scanner.

“The CS 3500 intraoral scanner is changing the way oral healthcare providers practice,” Ed Shellard, DM.D., vice president, sales and marketing, Carestream Dental, said. “We were looking for a unique way to share the features and benefits of the scanner that would engage our audience, so we decided to partner with Dr. Henriod to approach the CS 3500 from a different angle than we have in the past.”

When demonstrating the ease of a digital scanner workflow, a Zubaz pants-clad, moustache-sporting “past” Dr. Henriod struggles with gooey traditional impression material next to a clean cut “future” Dr. Henriod, who uses the digital scanner to cleanly and quickly scan teeth. The scanner eliminates the need for traditional impressions materials and instead captures digital scans that are available instantly for viewing on a computer.

In another video, Dr. Henriod faces a challenge that many who use digital scanners do—scanning shiny surfaces. However, while most practitioners come against brackets, abutments or even saliva, Dr. Henriod’s patient has a full set of grillz. Fortunately, Dr. Henriod shares a few tips and tricks for scanning reflective surfaces.

Finally, Dr. Henriod goes over the CS 3500’s newest workflow, scanning scan bodies. A scan body is a post that attaches to the implant fixture and can be viewed above the tissue level. When scanning the scan body, it’s crucial to get a good scan of the top, as this will determine how far the implant will extend. Dr. Henriod also walks through a sample implant workflow case.

The three videos are a part of Dr. Henriod’s “Enamel Pearls” continuing education collection. Dr. Henriod received his D.D.S. from the UCLA School of Dentistry and was chief resident during his periodontic residency at the Medical University of South Carolina. Because periodontics is an ever changing field, continual learning is a cornerstone of his Pasdena-based practice.

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