Latest Version of CS OrthoTrac Provides New Features for Office Management

For over 30 years, CS OrthoTrac practice management software has been streamlining office workflow. The software continues to evolve, and the latest version, CS OrthoTrac v12.4, makes it even easier for practice staff to work within recall reports, provide patient rewards and offer online automated statements.

“CS OrthoTrac was the first orthodontic practice management software introduced to the market in 1982, but a lot has changed since then, from both a technological and business side” Susan Whitt, senior product manager, CS OrthoTrac, Carestream Dental, said. “Our software has evolved in response to those changes and allows for orthodontic offices to more efficiently manage the business of their practice in the modern age.”

Changes to the recall report in version 12.4 allow users to go directly to the patients on the report to view their information. Users can also add notes to the report as they work within the recall list. When the recall is deleted, the notes are saved and can be viewed in charting and patient tracking.

New integration with the PracticeGenius Rewards Hub allows users to store patient rewards card numbers in CS OrthoTrac and link it to the patient’s chart; saving staff time when patients do not have their cards handy. It also includes a link in charting and patient information to launch PracticeGenius to add points. Data is synced so users no longer have to enter patient data into PracticeGenius outside of CS OrthoTrac. Patients can also use their rewards card to check-in with patient flow if the practice has a card swipe its check-in screen.

The Automated Statement eService* lets users transmit statements to a clearinghouse to be printed for responsible parties. Carestream Dental has added the option of online statements to this service, which lets users give responsible parties the option of paper or online statements.

A few other updates include:

  • Improvements to the Patient Detail Comparison Report in the Zuelke Financial Module

  • Patient Tracking improvements

For more information about CS OrthoTrac v12.4 or CS OrthoTrac Cloud, please call 1.800.944.6365 or visit

*additional fees apply

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