PRESS RELEASE: Let’s Go Digital: Carestream Dental Launches New App to Guide Practitioners on their Practice’s Digital Journey

ATLANTA—With the new CS Digitalizer, Carestream Dental is offering doctors a step-by-step guide to building a digital practice customized to their needs. Incorporating digital equipment into a practice can seem like a daunting task for a busy doctor, but the CS Digitalizer eases the burden by addressing the main concerns of practitioners, such as the investment, ease of use and cost.

“Though the benefits of digital technology within dentistry are well documented, some doctors are still hesitant to approach new technology,” Ed Shellard, D.M.D, chief commercial officer, Carestream Dental, said. “In a recent Carestream Dental survey, we found that there was a drastic difference between a non-digital user’s perception of digital technology versus the digital user’s actual experience. The CS Digitalizer addresses the concerns of the non-digital doctor and demonstrates just how easy it is to ‘go digital’.”

The app ensures that doctors come out on top of every digital opportunity by offering a needs assessment, industry comparison, ROI calculator, user guide, recommended products and more.

With the Needs Assessment Survey, practitioners can determine their needs and learn how to upgrade. The Survey takes into consideration practice size, services performed and where the practice is in its digital journey. Practitioners learn where they are today and where potential lies for their practice to upgrade with a personalized report upon completion of the survey.

Once the practitioner has a better idea of their practice needs, the Digital Adoption Guide is an easy to follow, step-by-step guide for adopting digital technology. The Guide includes business potential, patient benefits, where to start, information on training and integration and a convenient checklist, to name just a few features.

The CS Digitalizer also lets practitioners see where they compare to other dentists around the world and calculate the business potential of going digital.

“A few examples of how a doctor might take their practice digital include switching from film to digital radiographs and moving from conventional impressions to digital impressions,” Shellard said. “Digital files, whether a cone beam computed tomography scan or an image captured by an intraoral scanner, can be easily manipulated, enhanced and transmitted, which means more accurate diagnoses and faster results.”

Cutting-edge digital dental equipment streamlines workflow and cuts costs for doctors and their staff, but a hidden benefit is the impression it makes on patients. To put it simply, sleek, high-tech equipment is “cool.”

“Bringing up a 3D image on a computer monitor and being able to show a patient exactly where a problem lies has a real ‘wow’ factor,” Shellard said. “Patients are more likely to accept treatment when the problem is easy for them to visualize and understand.”

No matter where a doctor is on their digital journey—whether they’ve already integrated digital equipment into their practice and are ready to go fully digital or are just beginning to think of how digital technology could benefit their practice and patients—the CS Digitalizer offers a customized solution for every practitioner.

CS Digitalizer is available at or can be downloaded for the iPad® in the App StoreSM.

Visit Carestream Dental in booth #919 at the Hinman Dental Meeting, March 26-28, Atlanta, Ga., to experience the CS Digitalizer in person, and to learn more about the latest release of the Logicon Caries Detector 5.1.

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