Carestream Dental Donates Sensors to Advanced Continuing Education Facility

Hands-on Continuing Education (CE) courses are the key to ensuring doctors are using the safest and most advanced imaging techniques. In order to support these vital CE courses, Carestream Dental has donated two RVG sensors to the Mountain West Dental Institute (MWDI).

The MWDI was created by the Metro Denver Dental Society (MDDS), which is nationally recognized as a model dental society. The MDDS is a leader in CE in the Rocky Mountain region, and the high-tech MWDI facility is a testament to the Society’s commitment to educating doctors in the area.

“Carestream Dental wants to make sure doctors at the MWDI are using the most advanced technology, so they can practice at their best,” Ed Shellard, D.MD., vice president, sales and marketing, Carestream Dental, said. “The skills they learn at the Institute can be immediately applied in their practices. We’re proud to work with a facility that’s doing so much for the dental community and, ultimately, patients in the region.”

RVG sensors provide high-definition digital images for enhanced diagnosis. The sensors also come with convenient dose indicators that identify over- and under-exposures, so doctors can quickly adjust the settings, reducing the need for retakes and limiting dose to patients. The sensors’ software also features customizable filters, so doctors can fine tune images to meet their clinical needs.

This is not the first time Carestream Dental has contributed to the MWDI. Previously, the company donated CS 1500 intraoral cameras, which offer the visual evidence needed to make more accurate diagnoses and facilitate patient education.

“MDDS values our long standing, generous relationship with Carestream Dental,” Elizabeth Price, M.B.A., C.A.E., C.D.E., executive director, MDDS, said. “It is the vision of MDDS to serve as the oral health authority to our members and the Rocky Mountain region. Carestream Dental’s donation of state-of-the-art intraoral cameras and quality sensors to MDDS’ Mountain West Dental Institute furthers that vision.”

To learn more about the Metro Denver Dental Society and the Mountain West Dental Institute and the work they’re accomplishing in the Rocky Mountain region, click here


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