PRESS RELEASE: Carestream Dental Announces All-in-One Solution to Help Doctors Manage, Market and Grow Their Practice

Carestream Dental has announced the launch of eConnections, the first all-in-one solution to help oral health care professionals manage, market and grow their practices. eConnections provides solutions to many practice challenges by bringing appointment reminders, online scheduling, online brand management including ratings and reviews, local SEO, online directories, ROI tracking and call recording and analysis into one robust, easy-to-manage software solution.

eConnections is powered by MMG Fusion and made possible through an integration agreement with the company.

“In order to better serve our clients, we’ve partnered with MMG Fusion to deliver solutions for practices to more effectively connect with their patients, better manage their online brand presence and make more informed marketing decisions,” Robert Patrick, global director of product line management, Carestream Dental, said. “eConnections is a fully integrated, all-in-one technology that provides best-in-class features and tools.”

“We’re excited to be working with a leader in the dental practice management software industry to offer them everything a doctor needs to manage, market and grow their practice,” Paul Intlekofer, chief executive officer of MMG Fusion, said. “MMG Fusion provides dental practices a broad set of tools and the flexibility to meet oral health care professionals’ specific needs, all in one easy-to-manage, integrated dashboard.”

Carestream Dental recognizes the rapidly changing marketplace and the challenges practices face to build and grow their business, and more effectively connect with patients. With eConnections, practitioners use a single sign-on to one powerful dashboard to manage their brand’s online presence and reputation, patient communications and scheduling and marketing programs, while tracking all programs back to specific patient revenue through a seamless connection to CS OrthoTrac, CS SoftDent, CS PracticeWorks or CS WinOMS practice management software.

To learn more about eConnections, visit To know more about Carestream Dental’s practice management software, or any of its innovative solutions, visit or call 800.944.6365.

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