CS 8100 3D CASE STUDY: Extraoral Bitewing Imaging Eliminates Patient Discomfort

by Dan Steinke, D.D.S., M.A.G.D.

Challenge: Comfortably accommodate the intraoral imaging needs of patients who cannot tolerate digital intraoral sensors

Solution: Perform extraoral bitewing imaging using the CS 8100 3D


  • Provides easy patient positioning

  • Offers options for sitting or standing

  • Scans quickly

  • Fits in small spaces

Intraoral sensors do an excellent job of providing highly detailed images of a patient’s dentition. But not every patient can handle an intraoral sensor—especially when it comes to bitewings. Dr. Steinke knows this all too well and chooses extraoral bitewings for patients who fit certain criteria, like patients with:

  • Significant disabilities, who find it difficult to sit still for intraoral imaging

  • Excessive mandibular tori, who endure considerable discomfort with digital intraoral sensors, especially bitewings

  • An extreme gag reflex, who have had an intensely unpleasant experience with digital sensors

Since the CS 8100 3D system has an open design, it’s very easy to position patients for scanning, no matter their physical abilities. Patients can either sit or stand during imaging. “Physically challenged patients can be quickly positioned and stay motionless for the short amount of time it takes for a scan,” said Dr. Steinke.

When enlarged mandibular tori or a sensitive gag reflex is an issue, extraoral imaging again offers a comfortable alternative. Dr. Steinke said, “I can tell you that patients with these issues are absolutely thrilled that we have the technology to accommodate them."

The small footprint of the CS 8100 3D is another benefit to Dr. Steinke’s practice. Because the system fits nicely in a small alcove near the front desk, he didn’t have to build a new space to house it. In addition, the CS 8100 3D’s futuristic design is consistent with his practice’s high-tech reputation. Due to its proximity to the waiting room, patients frequently inquire about the system. “This is the only 3D system in two counties,” said Dr. Steinke. “Patients are excited about the new technology and never resist taking an x-ray.”

While he values the information that the CS 8100 3D provides, Dr. Steinke makes it clear that the system is not a replacement for intraoral imaging: “It doesn’t offer the same degree of accuracy, but it’s very good. And for those patients falling into one of the three categories I mentioned, it’s an invaluable option to have. I am very pleased that Joe Hood, my local representative for Carestream Dental, recommended the CS 8100 3D for our practice. It has been a terrific addition.”


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