PRESS RELEASE: Carestream Dental Expands Its CS Solutions for Orthodontics Portfolio

Carestream Dental announced several advancements to its CS Solutions for Orthodontics portfolio, including a new CBCT system, software enhancements and recent third-party validations, today at the American Association of Orthodontists Annual Session in San Diego, Calif.

Carestream Dental has responded to orthodontists’ growing needs for cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) with the new CS 8100SC 3D extraoral imaging system. Built on the award-winning 2D imaging capabilities of the CS 8100 family, the CS 8100SC 3D combines powerful 2D and cephalometric imaging with high-quality and low-dose CBCT imaging and 3D model scanning applications.

“The CS 8100SC 3D is great for orthodontists who want to add 3D imaging to their practice without sacrificing the quality of their 2D/ceph imaging or adding an entirely new CBCT unit,” said Matt Hendrickson, director, orthodontics, Carestream Dental. “This new system combines several different imaging solutions—panoramic, cephalometric, CBCT and model scanning—into one efficient, space-saving system.”

 The CS 8100SC 3D features the fastest scan time of any scanning cephalometric unit on the market, as little as three seconds*, and software recognizes anatomical structures and traces them automatically. Plus, at just 72.5 in. wide, the system is designed to fit into practices of almost any size.

Carestream Dental is also previewing two exciting new software modules at AAO that expand the CS Solutions for Orthodontics portfolio. CS Model+** is the next evolution of CS Model. After creating an automatic digital set-up of a digital impression, the software automatically segments, numbers and measures teeth. It can also simulate tooth movement., which aids in case acceptance. Additionally, CS Model+ automatically generates an orthodontic report to streamline workflow and address orthodontic analysis.

Airway evaluation and analysis has been emerging as a diagnostic trend in orthodontics as more and more clinicians make the move to 3D imaging. The new CS Airway module** allows doctors to easily segment airway in just a few clicks to visualize airway constrictions and communicate areas of concern to the patient.

Also being highlighted at the AAO Annual Session are several recent validations of the CS 3600 intraoral scanner by third-party orthodontic companies. The open architecture of the scanner makes these validations possible and let orthodontists customize their workflows.

    • CA Digital has validated the CS 3600 for use with its CA clear aligner system.

The AAO Annual Session takes place April 21-25 in San Diego, Calif. Visitors to booth #3417 are invited to take a test drive of the latest feature of CS OrthoTrac practice management software. The OrthoTrac “pit crew” will be on hand to guide users through the new software experience.

For more information about CS Solutions or any of Carestream Dental’s innovative products, call 800.944.6365 or visit

*For lateral 18 x 24cm image in lateral fast scan mode
**Work in progress—not available for sale

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