PRESS RELEASE: Carestream Dental Helps Doctors Make ‘Smart Choices’ for Equipment and Software

As a new freestanding digital dental company, Carestream Dental helps doctors make smart choices for their practices, whether they’re looking for equipment or software solutions. At the ADA Annual Meeting, Carestream Dental is showcasing both the latest intelligent scanning features of its CS 3600 intraoral scanner and new practice management solutions that make everyday workflow more intuitive.

“Smart technology is rapidly changing all sectors of industry, including digital dentistry,” Ed Shellard, D.M.D., Chief Dental Officer, Carestream Dental, said. “But being labeled as ‘smart’ doesn’t go far enough. Equipment and software needs to respond to users’ needs in real time and be intuitive to use.”

Intelligent scanning features, such as real-time feedback, are just a few of the updates to the CS 3600’s acquisition software algorithms. Rather than attempting multiple rescans or rendering an image only to find holes in the dataset, useful guides and feedback increase efficiency and enhance scan quality. If a scan lacks detail and requires additional scanning, green guide arrows indicate the ideal direction to rescan the missing information. Yellow highlights alert the user of gaps in the scan, while green highlights indicate holes in the data set.

“These quality check warnings make using the intraoral scanner more intuitive and help all users, from new to experienced, get an accurate, complete scan every time before they render the digital impression,” Shellard said.

New enhancements to the restorative workflow are also smart enough to detect and alert users to possible undercuts while the patient is still in the chair. If not suitable, the preparation can be adjusted and rescanned on the spot, rather than dealing with back-and-forth communications between the practice and lab, which could require the patient to return for an additional appointment.

A common issue in restorative cases is tissue collapse around preparations, which may affect the quality of the scan. To combat this, a convenient restoration locking tool lets users select and lock up to six previously scanned preparation areas. This preserves the area digitally in case of tissue collapse and also prevents the preparations from being updated when scanning the area a second time.

Updates have also been made to the implant-borne restorative workflow, such as a scanbody area selection tool, and the orthodontic workflow, which includes the ability to capture 2D “snapshots” from the digital scan for case documentation. Other improvements to image quality and clinical details include the ability to scan in high-resolution and color-coded occlusion mapping.

The CS 3600 also now offers the industry’s shortest autoclavable tip, perfect for posterior scanning. All of the scanner’s tips are autoclavable up to 60 times.*

Additionally, two significant new practice management solutions are being highlighted at ADA. First is the major release of CS SoftDent software v17, which provides exciting new features to streamline practice workflow for clinical and administrative users. A new clinical overview tab puts all the patient information, such as restorative and perio charts, in one place. Additional features include a patient banner that gives users easier access to patient information without exiting the chart, patient administration workflow enhancements that allow more than one user to work in a patient record and a refreshed user interface.

In addition to the latest enhancements to the software that dental practices already know and use, Carestream Dental is also offering an exclusive first look at a brand new software solution, coming soon. Attendees at ADA will be among the first to experience an innovative software platform that delivers a sophisticated but easy-to-use practice management solution for new and established practices of all sizes.

Supporting these two software announcements and seeking attendees’ feedback and first impressions is the popular Practice Management Pit Crew, comprised of Carestream Dental software developers, designers and experts.

For more information about the CS 3600 intraoral scanner or any of Carestream Dental’s software solutions, visit booth #1745 at the ADA Annual Meeting in Atlanta at the Georgia World Congress Center from Oct. 19-21 or call 800.944.6365 or visit

*Tips can be autoclaved up to 60 times if the exposure is limited to 134 C at no more than four minutes and if gauze is used, as outlined in the CS 3600 Family Safety, Regulatory and Technical Specifications User Guide (9J8269)

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