PRESS RELEASE: CS Airway Module Aids in Airway Analysis

Launching Aug. 24, 2017, at CDA North is the CS Airway module, Carestream Dental’s latest enhancement for CS 3D Imaging software. This advanced tool aids general practitioners and orthodontists in quickly analyzing the airway in 3D for clearer visualization, faster analysis and enhanced communication with patients.

The CS Airway module gives doctors a color-coded 3D view of the pharyngeal region to help them visualize constrictions in airway passages. Doctors can customize the color scale with their preferred threshold to suit their individual needs. Color coding is also valuable in patient education. Colored 3D renderings allow doctors to easily communicate with patients by showing before-and-after treatment volumes. Additionally, images can be easily shared with referrals, patients or insurance companies.

The module further enhances airway analysis by providing segmentation in as few as two clicks. CS Airway can also automatically calculate total volume, minimum cross-sectional area, minimum Anterior-Posterior and Left-Right measurements. These measurement values are displayed in real time as the user browses the slice or changes the angulations of the view.

CS Airway is an optional module for CS 3D Imaging and is compatible with CS 9300 and CS 9300 Select volumes. The CS 9300 features Low Dose mode, which can capture images at a dose lower or equal than 2D panoramic imaging* making it ideally suited for airway exams.

CDA North takes place Aug. 24-26 in San Francisco, Calif. Attendees at CDA North are also invited to “kick the tires” of the new CS SoftDent v17 practice management software. A SoftDent “pit crew” will be on hand to guide users through the new software experience, such as an updated user interface; a new clinical overview tab that centralizes patient information; and a patient banner that makes it easier to access and update information without exiting the chart.

For more information about CS Airway, the CS 9300 family or any of Carestream Dental’s innovative solutions, call 800.944.6365 or visit

* Based on a study by John B. Ludlow, University of North Carolina, School of Dentistry, August 2014, utilizing the CS 9300 low dose protocol and on a study by John B. Ludlow, University of North Carolina, School of Dentistry, June 2011, measuring the CS 9300 doses and comparing them to panoramic exams dose.

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