PRESS RELEASE: Latest Launches from Carestream Dental Support Modern Oral Surgery Practices

BOSTON—To address the evolving clinical, practice management and business aspects of the oral and maxillofacial surgery field, Carestream Dental is introducing new technology and updates to its software at the 2019 AAOMS Annual Meeting to help doctors and practice owners provide advanced care, centralize data and maintain a thriving business.

The newest intraoral scanner from Carestream Dental, the CS 3700, captures high-quality digital impressions at highspeeds for a premium scanning experience. In fact, the scanner is 20 percent faster than previous Carestream Dental intraoral scanner models, so patients spend less time in the chair and clinicians can go from scanning to implant planning faster. Since oral surgeons expect optimal scanning without sacrificing sleek style and ultimate comfort, the CS 3700 has been prestigiously designed in collaboration with Studio F. A. Porsche—the renowned design studio that originated the brand Porsche Design.

Not only is Carestream Dental launching a new premium intraoral scanner, it’s introducing a completely redesigned intelligent software to power implant-borne restorative scanning. CS ScanFlow features flexible, innovative ways to capture scans—users access workflows from a single base scan rather than pre-selecting a workflow—and is touchscreen enabled to give users streamlined navigation literally at their fingertips. Tools specific to the implant-borne restorative workflow make working with scanbodies and supported abutments easier and more precise. A split viewing screen for side-by-side comparisons of digital impressions with and without the scan bodies and/or abutments in place also provides flexible reviewing options depending on the clinical need. CS ScanFlow comes standard with the new CS 3700 and is an optional configuration for the CS 3600.

Carestream Dental is also announcing the launch of CS WinOMS v9.6 with enterprise-level practice management capabilities and improved features in response to industry trends. As practices consolidate, there is a need to manage each separate business entity from a single location yet keep the same master resource for patient information and data accessible to all. For a nominal fee per location, the latest module for CS WinOMS includes enterprise management features such as centralized tables for each location. Since larger offices have unique reporting needs, office managers and business owners can use the new groups option to select criteria, combine multiple practices and create standardized reports across all locations. This not only ensures consistency from practice to practice, it gives managers a high-level overview of the operations of all practices. The enterprise module also lets large practices track multiple tax IDs and add them to their master WinOMS database, providing a single place for roll-up reporting.

To meet the needs of all oral surgery practices, no matter their size, CS WinOMS v9.6 also includes an improved Anesthesia Record module that integrates with a wider variety of vitals monitors to reduce the amount of manual documentation and is able to accept the latest payment methods, such as chip debit/credit cards, Apple, Google and
Samsung Pay with ePayments Secure.

Whether an independent private practice or an enterprise operation, all oral surgeries need seamless integration between practice management software and imaging equipment for streamlined workflow. Today, CS WinOMS Cloud users in particular will benefit from cloud-enabled updates to CS OMS Imaging v11.10—the imaging hub for CS WinOMS.

To learn more about any of Carestream Dental’s solutions for oral surgeons visit them in booth #1033 at the 2019 AAOMS Annual Meeting, Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, Sept. 19-22.

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