Updates to CS Orthodontic Imaging Software Provides Bigger Picture for Enhanced Patient Care

The latest updates to CS Orthodontic Imaging version 11.11 give doctors unprecedented views of their patients’ anatomy through integration with Carestream Dental’s CS Face Scan technology. Now, users of the CS 9600 CBCT system will be able to acquire a lifelike 3D rendering of their patient's face, which can be aligned with CBCT images in CS 3D Imaging to give scans an additional layer of detail when communicating treatment plans to patients and their parents. When patients can see their own face and smile, it makes it easier for them to visualize outcomes and accept treatment.

To improve the rendering of image data shared with referrals, all 3D image types can be exported in a PLY format. This update enables the color texture of 3D images to be displayed in third-party software so that other doctors and partners get a clearer, more realistic image—enabling colleague collaboration.

The update also allows for the immediate preview of 3D objects so the user can view 3D scans, preview object slices and adjust opacity on the spot.

The more data available to a doctor, the better treatment decisions they can make. CS Orthodontic Imaging version 11.11 delivers insights that shows the full picture of a patient’s treatment.

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