Carestream Dental and Alien Milling Partner to Give Doctors More Options for Restorations

Purchasing an intraoral scanner is just the first step in a practice’s restorative workflow journey. Building a great relationship with a lab is the next. That’s why Carestream Dental has partnered with Alien Milling to connect doctors to a full-service online milling company that can act as a trusted partner on the path to a fully digital workflow. The new partnership gives practices easy access to CAD/CAM experts and represents one of many digital partnerships that Carestream Dental has committed to in 2021.

“Digital partnerships allow doctors to build the workflow that suit their practices’ needs best,” Jeremy Thomas, general manager for the Americas region, Carestream Dental, said. “We’re excited about working with Alien Milling and the opportunities they’ll open up for our doctors.”

This partnership wouldn’t be possible without high-quality scanners like the CS 3600 or the CS 3700. Both create highly accurate digital impressions in stunning HD 3D color, making it easier for Alien Milling lab techs to see the actual details of a patient’s mouth. High-speed continuous scanning allows users to quickly capture scans, while a Smart Matching ensures missing information in the dataset can easily be filled in before the files are sent to Alien Milling. Workflows for either scanner include restorative, orthodontic and implant-borne restorative. The scanners are also capable of the multiple bite capture necessary for sleep appliances.

The CS 3700’s advanced CS ScanFlow acquisition software offers patented smart-shade matching that detects the color of a scan and automatically identifies the ideal match. It can then generate a shade matching report, making it even easier to work with Alien Milling for more natural-looking restorations.

To help practices that are new to intraoral scanning, Alien Milling is offering 10 free crowns to doctors who purchase a scanner in 2021. The average turnaround time for cases is only five days, and Alien Milling is the first company of its kind to offer online bill pay so practices can avoid end-of-the-month surprise fees.

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