PRESS RELEASE: Innovation Strikes Again: New Modules Let Practices Experience Cloud Environment

ATLANTA— Even as the storm clouds of 2020 roll away and things slowly return to normal, practices are realizing that “normal” has a new definition. Many of the strategies adopted during the global health crisis, such as working in a virtual environment, are here to stay. In response to this trend, Carestream Dental has launched Operation: Lightning Flash—a commitment to continually roll out the newest updates, enhancements and modules for its practice management software to help offices easily work in the cloud.

Carestream Dental has spent the past year developing and launching software modules to give practices a jolt of innovation. Even practices that use traditional on-premise practice management software will get to experience the cloud with new modules like Patient Manager, Digital Patient Forms and Sensei Cloud Scheduler View

Patient Manager:
Attracting prospective patients has become even more vital for practices as they recover from 2020. Patient Manager is an all-in-one patient engagement solution that helps practices interact with existing patients and convert prospective patients into booked appointments. Patient Manager is currently available to Sensei Cloud users and SoftDent, PracticeWorks, OrthoTrac on-premise users.

Patient Forms: 
Though some restrictions from the past year are being relaxed, many precautions remain in place—and some patients have come to prefer these safety measures. Carestream Dental’s Patient Forms facilitate a faster, contactless appointment check-in process by allowing patients to complete forms online prior to their visit. Digital Patient Forms is currently available to Sensei Cloud users and SoftDent and OrthoTrac on-premise users.

Sensei Cloud Scheduler View:
Whether a team member is at home or in the practice, they can access their practice schedule and address urgent patient and practice needs when they need it through Sensei Cloud Scheduler View. This simple yet powerful application allows users to view their schedule data anytime, anywhere. Sensei Cloud Scheduler View can be added to on-premise and hosted versions of SoftDent, PracticeWorks and OrthoTrac.

“With these modules, users will not only benefit from a number of innovative features, but also the convenience and security of working in the cloud,” Monica Minore, general manager, software solutions, Carestream Dental, said.  

As more practices have transitioned to the virtual environment over the past year, Carestream Dental has also launched a new status page that lets users easily check their systems’ status and receive notifications about any changes to their network.

To learn more about Carestream Dental’s digital modules, or any of its practice management systems, including Sensei Cloud, visit  

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