CHICAGO—There’s something different in the air. Sensei Cloud, Carestream Dental’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is introducing new features that help dentists elevate their practices and provide better, more efficient patient care.

“Dentistry is changing rapidly, partly due to needs created by the pandemic and partly due to the pace at which technology is advancing,” Helmut Domagalski, senior director of product management, global DPMS, Carestream Dental, said. “Fortunately, a SaaS like Sensei Cloud means we can continuously roll out updates in response to new research, trends and patient demands.”

Soft Tissue Charting
More and more, top professionals are encouraging oral cancer screenings and the new Soft Tissue Chart lets doctors keep detailed records of all findings with notes and condition labels on an anatomical chart. As oral cancer screening becomes increasingly important and the related documentation considered “standard of care,” keeping track in a patient’s clinical record can help increase early detection and lead to successful treatment.

Customizable Questionnaires
Business is picking back up after nearly two years of patients putting off appointments. Which means, practices are processing more new patients. Custom questionnaires in Sensei Cloud let practices create unique digital forms that walk practice staff through the documentation of any data using a variety of prompts, controls and stock answers. Practice staff can even record medical history in the patient chart as a questionnaire as a simple way to avoid repetitive data entry, as well as an easy way to review the data later.

With more patients returning to the practice, it’s essential to efficiently move them through the office. The new Lightbar feature in Sensei Cloud aids with patient flow and time management by moving patients smoothly through their appointment. A convenient Seated Queue flyout bar shows when the patient was seated; time and chair of their scheduled appointment; provider names for the appointment; and appointment type. Seated Queue also lets team members direct doctors to the right patient to keep the appointment on schedule. When it’s time for the doctor, there’s no need to leave the patient: Call the Doctor lets the clinician know when an operatory is ready for them without either team member or doctor searching around the practice.

Sensei Cloud acts as a trusted guide for practices, offering powerful imaging, practice management, clinical workflows and intuitive design into one platform. It’s built on feedback from real practices and because its 100% cloud based offers anytime, anywhere access to clinical data and business performance metrics and analytics.

The SaaS is part of the larger Sensei platform, introduced in late 2020. Since then, Carestream Dental has launched other cloud-based Sensei products, like Sensei Scheduler Views, Patient Manager and Patient Forms. The Sensei platform also allows Carestream Dental to elevate its other on-premise and hosted software—OrthoTrac, PracticWorks, SoftDent and WinOMS—closer and closer to cloud functionality with continuous rolling updates.

But while these services are “powered by Sensei Cloud,” meaning they were designed to plugin to a virtual cloud environment since their launch, Carestream Dental’s existing software will be elevated by the Sensei product line including the launch of Sensei Imaging, a true cloud-based imaging solution, bringing users closer and closer to working in the cloud with each update over the coming years.

To learn more about Sensei Cloud, or any product from the Sensei platform, visit Or stop by the Carestream Dental booth at the Chicago Dental Society’s Midwinter Meeting, #3812, Feb. 24-26, 2022.


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