Carestream Dental is Here to Help You Succeed in 2023

Never before has there been more rapid change—both within the dental industry and our daily lives. The ways in which we connect, learn, do business, even our leisure time, are all heavily influenced by technology that saves time and makes our lives easier. In dentistry, we’re seeing new ways that will help doctors grow their business and are poised to launch new innovations that will achieve better outcomes for patients. Today, Carestream Dental is building a more connected practice that will help doctors plug into more open, smarter ways of practicing and doing business.

Open Practice
The practice of 2023 is not an island. It’s part of a robust digital network of referrals and business partners that all play a role in planning treatment and caring for patients. That means a doctor can use her CBCT system’s imaging software, combined with STL files from her intraoral scanner (no matter the manufacturer) to plan an implant case and give her partner at the lab open access to the case. The two can communicate through notes and messages within the same cloud-based tool and have a stackable surgical guide on hand and ready for surgery faster and with greater confidence that the guide will fit perfectly.

Smarter Business
Artificial intelligence (AI). Automation. Algorithms. It’s not Sci-Fi, the same technology that makes our personal lives easier also makes our professional lives easier. AI is more than just “smart,” it can automate processes for doctors and give them more confidence for making diagnoses, like automatically detecting a broad range of pathological conditions and non-pathological structures on panoramic X-rays. Software can highlight those findings in color on the image and display them on an interactive chart, acting as a second opinion. Automation can also take the guesswork out of properly positioning patients, so team members can work smarter, not harder, and be confident they’ll capture the right image on the first try.

Enabling Growth
Many doctors are also business owners on top of their clinical work, so the right software lets them manage the entire business and clinical cycle—from getting patients in the door to case acceptance to treatment to payment. Software-as-a-Service platforms that are cloud based will make it easy for business owners to manage their practices from anywhere, whether it’s one practice, three or as large as a dental service organization. So, while no practice is an island, oral healthcare professionals will be able to manage their practice while relaxing on an island, if needed.

Key performance indicator (KPI) dashboards will also be vital in giving a birds-eye view of practice health and help business owners make important decisions that will fuel success. Additionally, add-on modules will help oral healthcare professionals engage with their patients online; improve practice reviews; and bring new patients through door, all to increase practice value.

Carestream Dental is positioned to serve the dental industry on all these fronts, in 2023 and well beyond. Our three unique brands—Carestream Dental (technology), Swissmeda (clinical software) and Sensei (practice management and patient solutions)—transform everyday business and clinical needs for better outcomes.

Practices need accessibility to more data, to more patients, to more referrals and partners and to more procedure types and case volumes, and Carestream Dental can connect them to an open, smarter world. Whether through automated workflows, diagnosis and treatment; artificial intelligence tools; or cloud-based practice management, Carestream Dental, Swissmeda and Sensei deliver the solutions you and your partners need to succeed in 2023.       

Mike Duski Chief Experience Officer, Carestream Dental