Information on the sale of Intraoral
Scanning Technology business to Envista
On Wednesday, April 20, 2022, Carestream Dental sold its Intraoral Scanning Technology business to Envista Holding Corporation (Envista). The sale was officially announced on Dec. 22, 2021Opens in new window.

The former Intraoral Scanning Technology business comprised Carestream Dental’s intraoral scanner equipment (CS 3600, CS 3700, CS 3800) and related software (CS ScanFlow, CS Model+, CS Quick Connect and CS IOS Fleet Portal).
The imaging technology, clinical software and practice management software businesses are not part of the transaction and remain with Carestream Dental. Carestream Dental businesses have earned attractive market positions, generate strong earnings and cash flow, and will continue to benefit from recent investments and continued focus on innovative technologies and growth initiatives.
Carestream Dental has provided the following information and resources to better assist customers with the transition of products and services. Please see Envista links below for support needs or questions. For all other inquiries, contact your Carestream Dental sales representative or support team or visit our FAQ page for more information.
Resources and Information
Envista: New Customer Product Information
Envista: Technical Support
Carestream Dental: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Envista Inquiries
Envista has also created a page for Frequently Asked QuestionsOpens in new window (FAQ) for your reference. For all other Envista inquiries please reference regional contacts below.
Customers should contact their sales representative or Carestream Dental support with additional questions.