CBCT and Accreditation

As dental professionals learn more about the many clinical uses of cone beam computed technology (CBCT) and the benefits of having an in-office system provides, the popularity of 3D imaging systems is growing—and with that, so are the requirements for accreditation. At the moment, the number of practices required to have CBCT accreditation is limited. Currently, it’s only necessary in situations where:

  •  the practice receives reimbursements for Medicare or Medicaid;

  • the practice is located in Minnesota; or

  • the practice is located in California.

The Intersocietal Accreditation Commission (IAC) is the only board to provide a dental CBCT accreditation program. The process for accreditation—which takes 12-16 weeks—involves two steps: a self evaluation as well as a review.

During the self-evaluation stage of the process, applicants will provide detailed information regarding their routine daily operating procedures as well as a case study using CBCT imaging. Once the application is submitted, the IAC Dental CT board will review the documents and case studies to determine if the applicant meets the IAC Standards.

What are the benefits of obtaining certification for your CBCT system? The biggest advantage is that you are able to utilize 3D imaging technology for diagnoses and treatment planning, while still being reimbursed for the use of your system. You can also offer a wider spectrum of high-level diagnostic services in your practice instead of sending patients to an office that has been accredited.

Accreditation can also help you stand out from other practices in your area. Once your application is approved, you will receive an IAC logo to use in your printed and digital materials as well as access to a number of other marketing tools.

Have you undergone the accreditation process for CBCT dental technology? Has this requirement been a consideration in the imaging system buying process? I look forward to interacting with you in the comment section below.

Shailesh Kottal, D.D.S. Contributor